Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP Part 2

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Third day

Next day, Heisuke notes that she seems to be in higher spirits today. He says he’s relieved that she’s feeling better, and asks her to always laugh happily. Hfdsgfiuhgfsfuk so adorable this guy is tempting me again Chizuru realizes that Heisuke had been worrying about her and internally apologizes to him.

Choice 3——>Study

 “What the hell is this?” Hijikata sure looks angry, but he still looks sexy, no proportion problems here <333 GJ Princess Crown He kicks at a poor waste basket lying around, which no one seems to give a damn about since he probably is always like this lol Our friendly neighborhood pacifist Sano shows up and after requesting him to calm down, asks why is Hijikata is raging like that. Hijikata explains that he found Chizuru’s name in the Student list, but is pissed at Sano’s lack of surprise, who just answers “yeah I guess”. Hijikata’s all O_o “You knew???”, but Sano informs him that he’s actually Chizuru’s homeroom teacher.

Sano muses a bit how the two of them meeting as teachers in this school where Souji, Saito and Heisuke are attending seems like fate. Hijikata isn’t taking any of that destiny BS and starts raging again, and Sano asks Hijikata again to calm the fuck down.

Then Hijikata becomes surprisingly fidgety, prompting Sano to ask if the “Demon Hijikata Sensei” is scared of meeting Chizuru XD I love how Hijikata turned from Oni-fukuchou to Oni-sensei LOL As expected, Hijikata goes(ノಥ益ಥ)“You bastard…don’t just go running off your mouth!” and Sano is all “Don’t hit me!”

They’re like kids lol  Anyway Sano points out since the Principal Kondou-san allowed Chizuru’s admission he has no probs following his orders since he is indebted to Kondou in many ways. He wonders if there is some meaning behind all of them gathering in this place, but Hijikata tells him he’s reading too much into it. Sano says it’s all good in that case, and Hijikata notes that Sano has been a stubborn guy since a long time ago.

Meanwhile Chizuru is heading to the staff room to deliver the class logbook, then her duty ends and she can go home.She feels a little nervous entering the Staff Room, and just as she’s entering he hears Hijikata yelling that he needs to put distance between him and Chizuru as much as possible. Sano notices her and asks what she’s doing standing there, making Hijikata do an epic “Oh crap” face XD Chizuru looks Hijikata’s extremely pissed off face and contemplates whether the she has gotten into the blacklist of “The” Hijikata Sensei, super famous of his scariness.

Well in this case I can’t blame Baka Chizu much, Hijikata sure isn’t sprouting flowers here :/ Anyway she gives Sano the logbook who makes her wait in a nearby chair as he looks it over. That leaves Chizuru sitting beside a very grumpy Hijikata, leading to an incredibly awkward silence.

Anyway Chizuru tries to break the awkward air between them, so what does she do? Talk about the weather of course XD At first Hijikata’s all O_o but surprisingly, he gives a straight answer when Chizuru starts flailing as it dawns on her how much of a fail topic it was.

He says “It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s sunny or rainy tomorrow. It would be easier viewing the Cherry blossoms if the weather was clear though.” Chizuru is relieved to have a common topic and agrees, saying that when it comes to viewing Cherry blossoms she wants to do so on a fine day with everyone. Oh man so many Cherry blossom references I am getting bored

Somehow this makes Hijikata happy and he gives his super rare smile (*´д`*)(*´д`*)(*´д`*) Meanwhile Harada is finished with his logbook check and he’s like “Is this his way of ‘staying as far away as possible’ from her? BS” Chizuru notices that Harada looks slightly pissed off. But he soon goes back to his usual smile and tells her to hurry back home. While returning Chizuru wonders what today’s events meant.

Fourth Day

Choice 4—–>Study

Chizuru runs into Heisuke after class who invites her to return home together. Chizuru would have liked to do so, but she has been called by Hijikata. Heisuke’s very SHOKKU that she’s being called by that super scary sensei, and asks if she did something. Chizuru’s all >.< and replies she didn’t, Hijikata probably wants to talk about the Classic literature test she bombed.  Heisuke agrees that might be it, and advises her to be prepared for some scolding XD Then he asks if she wants him to come with her with this cute expression  ^o^

Chizuru thanks him but rejects his offer saying she is ok and will try her best. She hopes that Hijikata won’t chew her out too much, as she think despite his scary aura he seems like the type to understand if she talks to him. And doubts her own words in the next sentence, lol.

Hijikata yells that she’s late as soon as she enters, he told her to come straight here after homeroom ends. Chizuru=(;´Д`) and she vehemently apologizes, thinking that she should have asked Heisuke to come with her after all.  Hijikata tells her to sit and looks at with narrowed eyes, making the poor girl even more nervous and she starts thinking if she sucked in more than one test. Then he addresses her as “Chizuru” (I found this interesting, normal teachers would use the last name, right?), and drops the bomb.

Contrary to her expectations, instead of scolding Hijikata advises her to transfer from this school.  She starts complaining that she doesn’t think she did so bad in any tests that he would have to ask her to transfer, making Hijikata flustered as he hurries to explain that that isn’t why he’s asking her to transfer. When Chizuru asks why then, he says he’s concerned that as the only female student she must be encountering much hardship in this school.

Chizuru cannot reply easily as he does have a point, and she did think about transferring to Shimabara where Sen-chan is. Hijikata says it’s not because she did badly, but for her own sake he is telling her to transfer. If she transfers now, it would still be early enough for her to fit in a new school. Then Chizuru shows a surprising amount of guts and flat out refuses, startling him.

Love Hijjikata’s O_o face XD Anyway Chizuru explains that even though she might be isolated in this place, she has no desire to go away from here as she has only started making friends after much effort. Hijikata is surprised and just had started saying “You…” when….

Prince Heisuke and Prince Okita appear to rescue the princess from the Oni-sensei! Heisuke comes in screaming “I oppose this!”, Okita also says the same, then proceeds to badmouth Hijikata whether he is trying to abuse his power by forcibly driving Chizuru out. He goes as far as to say “一度、死んでみますか?” How arrogant O_O

Even Saito is with them, and he says that he cannot agree to this. Why is he taller than Hijikata? O_o A stunned Chizuru asks them why are they all here, and Okita explains.

Apparently seeing poor Heisuke waiting in front of Hijikata’s room like a loyal dog, Okita became curious and asked him what the matter was. When he learned that Chizuru came to Hijikata alone, he came to help. Heisuke also apologizes for making her leave alone. Finally Hijikata blows his fuse and yells at demanding to know what kind of crap they are imagining (LMAO) and what the hell are they doing here when he didn’t call them. Okita gives his best troll grin and says when he heard that Hijikata Sensei was calling a schoolgirl to his room alone, worrying about something bad happening is natural, right?

Hijikata is reaching the end of his patience and asks the outsiders to keep out since he needs to talk to Chizuru. Okita is in full battle mode and replies he doesn’t know what Hijikata means by “Outsiders”, if he wants to remove them he’ll have to do so by force. However as always Saito is a man of reason and he drags Okita out while Hijikata asks Chizuru if she really hates changing schools that much. Chizuru replies that she doesn’t have any intentions of leaving this school. Hijikata thinks for a while

Then he says that he saw for himself that she did make friends, and he understands the reason why she doesn’t want to leave. However, he declares that as the Vice-Principal of the school there is one thing he wants to make clear. Even if Kondou accepts her, he will not until she shows a result that he can recognize.

If she can do right both academically and socially only then he’ll accept her. Dghjfgjsfsggzdakjy come-on Hijikata stop being tsundere, what you’re saying is basically telling her to do her best, no need to present it like a threat Anyway Chizuru is ecstatic and promises that she’ll definitely make him recognize her. That makes him grin and ask what her marks for the test from the yesterday was.

OMG THAT S FACE (*´д`*) fjeyfgskjhfkjfknjmnbvdzkjv Chizuru becomes really nervous, but he reassures her that he’ll help with her studies. He also says that he won’t leave her halfway and will supervise her strictly until the end, so she should be prepared. Hearing that Chizuru isn’t so happy anymore, then he barks “YOUR ANSWER??” and she responds just as loudly in panic “PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME! (D:) ”

Hijikata is satisfied with her answer. Meanwhile Heisuke is sulking that they didn’t get to do anything even though they rushed here so quickly. Saito gives his words of wisdom that sometimes better to not say anything, and today’s situation was such a case. His calm answer only makes Heisuke brood more.

Okita comments that maybe he should get failing marks as well so he can get private sessions with Hijikata. Heisuke catches onto the fact that Okita only means to meddle and tells him not to hamper Chizuru’s studies. Okita teases him by asking if he does not think that nothing would happen if Chizuru spends time alone with Hijikata. Oh c’mon Okita get you head out of the gutter Poor Heisuke gets flustered and asks what Okita means by “something happening”.

Okita grins and answers that something similar to the naughty scenarios Heisuke just envisioned lol OKITA SOUJI STOP CORRUPTING PURE BOYS Obviously that makes Heisuke go (゚´Д`゚) and he frantically claims that he wasn’t thinking anything like that.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I DIDN’T!!!  It’s a misunderstanding, Chizuru! I definitely didn’t, um….do things like imagining stuff about you!” LMAO Heisuke ♥In the background Hijikata is sick of their noises and tells them to GTFO

Chizuru narrates that this is how her after school sessions with Hijikata started. Hijkata your plan to stay away from her really was a COMPLETE FAIL LMAO


After that 5th,6th,7th,8th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” . (I’m VERY WRONG I REALIZED IT LATER T___T NEED TO USE A WALKTHROUGH) I’ll post the later days on my next post. Even though I fucked up and didn’t get my desired ending the first time playing, I’ll post true to how I played, hope you guys don’t get sick of me 😥

EDIT: Next part here~

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