Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP part 3

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So I’m done with my first playthrough, but since I dared to play this without a walkthrough I missed a couple of things and didn’t get the end I wanted. щ(ಥДಥщ) I am playing again, but I’m posting exactly what I wrote when playing the first time, also with explanation of what went wrong under blockquotes.

Anyway what I did incorrectly was spam studying, you have to check a certain meter of affection of other guys too. Every capturable character requires certain number of points of 2 other bishies to be seen for getting the good end. For example Hijikata’s end needs you to also have some interaction with Harada and Saito, but not Okita. You can check your status anytime from the daily activity screen here:

Anyway let’s start!

Eighth Day:

Back home Chizuru finds that the paper for an important homework was missing. She absolutely freaks out since the submission date was tomorrow. She remarks that though her grades have improved thanks to Hijikata, but if he learns that she forgot her homework he might say that with such a wishy-washy attitude like that she’s not fit to be a student of Hakuouki School. Then she’d have to transfer for real this time OH NOESSSSS (Stop overdramatisizing everything you dumb chick ( ಠ益ಠ ) he won’t flip his shit over kiddy stuff like this ).

She decides to go back to school to get it. When she’s trying to sneak out, she runs into Kaoru who suddenly appears behind her like a ninja and asks where she is going so late. She tries to lie that she’s going to the convenience store, which makes Kaoru make fun of her saying she’d get fat if she ate sweets so late at night. Lol

“Your Nii-san doesn’t want to see his sister grow ugly and fat.” LMAO why don’t you and Okita open a trolling club at school Kaoru Anyway no Chizuru desperately tries to bullshit her way out, she digs her grave deeper saying she was just going to buy refills for her pen, which prompts Kaoru to just offer his pen to her. She just runs off then saying she has other stuff to buy as well. While on her way she wonders if Kaoru had guessed where she was going.

Thankfully the gates weren’t closed yet, Chizuru manages to get in and quickly heads to the classroom to finish her mission and return asap. She manages to find her homework paper in class, but when she’s getting ready to exit the classroom the curtain starts fluttering. She freaks out from the sound, takes deep breaths to calm herself down and tells herself repeatedly that it isn’t a ghost or anything. (Well, I’ll give her points for not going “KYA!” or something similarly lame).

She tries to leave again, but this time she hears someone’s footsteps. She thinks about who other than herself could be at the school at a time like this. She grows more nervous as the footsteps approach her and panics about what she’d do if it’s someone suspicious.

The footsteps stop in front of the classroom, and right then-

Chizuru screams “Kyaaaaaa!!!!” at the top of her voice. I spoke too soon ( ಠ益ಠ ) gbdjhfgdkjshThe owner of the footsteps go “WTF” and turns on the lights. Of course, the guy is our beloved Hijikata-Oni-Sensei.

Turns out he was just out on patrol. When she mentions that she thought that it might be a ghost or a burglar Hijikata laughs.

“What the hell. Are you still a grade-schooler?” You tell her, Hijikata! ❤ But Baka Chizu is still scared and sobs that she’s really glad to see him, which makes Hijikata uncomfortable and he tries to calm her down saying that it wasn’t a ghost or a burglar so she can relax now. Since even that doesn’t do anything to stop the still-trembling Chizuru, he hugs her head and pats her back.

He tells her to there’s nothing to be scared of, and his gentle hands calm baka Chizu down. WE REALLY NEEDED A CG HERE ( ゚,_ゝ゚) She becomes embarrassed when enjoying the feel of his scent and the warmth of his arms.

She tries to talk to Hijikata but mid-word he beats her to it grumbling about what she is doing here so late and what she would have done if instead of him it had been some suspicious person after all. Then he becomes very deredere and says:

SUCH A CARING MAN. Chizuru, become less dumb and be worthy of him ASAP Noticing how worried Hijikata was for her, Chizuru can’t help but be happy. Hijikata asks her what’s she laughing about and says they should go back since she has calmed down.

When he lets go of her Chizuru is kinda disappointed, she wanted to be hugged by those arms a little bit longer (the first time I agree with her). He asks now why she was here, and when Chizuru explains he exasperatedly expresses his disbelief at her stupidity.  He’s surprised that she’d come for such a reason and put herself in danger by walking around alone so late at night. Chizuru admits to herself that it’s natural for Hijikata to be angry at her dumbass actions and thinks how she ended up being scolded even though she was trying to avoid it.  Hijikata changes the topic to how she has been doing her best at studying lately and praises her sense of responsibility, but then reminds her to take care of herself saying:

“However, do not be mistaken. The most important thing to you should be your own body.” Chizuru is touched, and Hijikata says he’s going to send her back home so she should come without making a fuss.

When she returns home a fuming Kaoru, who was waiting at the door for her, gives her a much more solid scolding than Hijikata did. Go Kaoru!

Before sleeping, Chizuru notices finally that the people around her care about her more than she does herself, and wonders how she didn’t notice this before. She vows to return this kindness someday to everyone who worries about her.

After that 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” .

(I’m VERY WRONG don’t spam one stat like this)

Twelfth Day:

When Chizuru goes to Hijikata’s room he is extra busy that usual grading an assload of papers, so Chizuru sits down with her study materials to wait and thinks about how he is privately overseeing her studies even though he has so much work to do.  She wonders if studying here now would disturb him, but Hijikata orders her to get moving with her studies without even looking up from his pile of work. Chizuru goes into panicked squirrel mode and quickly opens her notebook and starts writing.

After a few hours Hijikata notes that he’s kept her for a long time today. Chizuru thinks back on how she got her work done faster because he kept helping her out every time she got stuck somewhere in her homework. She admits to herself that he’s really good at teaching, which is to be expected since he explains everything very clearly when taking classes as well. She didn’t expect him to be so patient with her though. Her daydreaming is interrupted by Hijikata’s voice.

“What are you spacing out like an idiot for? I’m going to lock this place up, get your stuff together.” Noticing he’s waiting for her, Chizuru breaks out from her reverie and quickly tidies up her things. While in the hallway he asks where she is going, and offers to drive her home since he’s going back as well. He also tells her:

“Keep this a secret from the other students.” fjhjfhgdsjfh I DUNNO WHY BUT THIS MAKES ME THINK BAD THINGS XD Anyway in the car Hijikata notes that Chizuru is quieter than usual and asks if she’s tired, but actually she’s just nervous to be alone in the close proximity of such a hot bishie inside the small space of the car. Lol Suddenly she notices a cigarette butt in the ashtray, and asks if he smokes. He replies in an indifferent yes, and Chizuru remembers that she didn’t hear any rumors about him being a smoker. She guesses he doesn’t do it in front of students, and wonders what other things she doesn’t know about him.

His smoking habit aside, she speculates if the reason behind his tendency to scowl with wrinkled eyebrows is actually bad eyesight. She starts fantasizing whether he wears glasses when driving a car or working for a long time lol I never knew you had a megane fetish Chizuru 😛 This is the first time she got to observe him in silence from so up close. Hijikata catches her eyeing his hotness and asks:

“What is it? Do I have something on my face?” XD Having been caught staring at him, Chizuru quickly averts her gaze. Then Hijikata asks for her attention, and says that while it’s good that she’s doing properly and not getting discouraged even after he said many things to her, why did she come to this school even though she could have chosen an easier path. Chizuru gets depressed thinking that Hijikata is still against her attending this school, and the reason he’s helping her out is because of his strong sense of responsibility as the vice-principal, not because he favors her. THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK

She becomes very emo thinking she might even be an annoyance to him, and is very surprised at the amount of heartache the thought causes her. She realizes that even if she can’t get him to like her, she hopes he doesn’t hate her at least. She loses her mood to talk, and sensing that Hijikata also keeps quiet and just gives her side glances without asking anything.

While dropping her off Hijikata tells her to be careful and was about to walk away when Chizuru stops him and says:

“I, I’ll try my best, so… even though it might take a while, please wait for me and accept me then.” She says that she really likes this school, and internally adds that she likes and respects him too. She admits that she doesn’t have the guts to tell him something like that. Hijikata says he understands, and adds:

“I’ll be waiting, and I’ll be looking at you. So be focused.” Finally he has heard my advice and has dropped the encouraging with threats crap yoohhooo Chizuru answers in an ecstatic “HAI!!! :D”

That night she keeps recalling this conversation over and over. The words that he’d be waiting for her and keep watching her progress helps her heart. Even after closing your eyes, Hijikata’s face keeps coming to her mind and does not disappear until she falls asleep.

Thirteenth Day:

Next we see the day of the marathon tournament. Chizuru’s all pumped up and first, but she’s soon completely exhausted from running at full speed. Harada thanks her politely and is concerned at how beat up she is from running.

Her performance wasn’t that good, and he asks her to hang on a little longer next time. I think something would have happened here if I was on Harada’s route.


After that 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” .

(I’m VERY WRONG don’t spam one stat like this)

Sixteenth Day:

Chizuru is out having fun with her friends and she wants to party~

But apparently Okita isn’t feeling too hot and wants to return ahead of time. Chizuru= (゚´Д`゚)I think something would have happened here if I was on Okita’s route.

This event doesn’t matter for Hijikata’s good end but I’m doomed already

After that 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” .

(I’m VERY WRONG don’t spam one stat like this)

Twentieth Day:

During Lunch break, everyone is gathered and chatting, but for some reason Chizuru doesn’t feel energetic.

Saito asks her if she’s tired (I love nice guys )and tells her not to stress herself. I think something would have happened here if I was on Saito’s route.


After that 21th, 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” .

Twenty-forth Day:

Next we see the day of the exam and Chizuru is all fired up. Late Chizuru is stressing about her test results when she runs into Hijitaka and latches onto him like a turtle. 😀 He seems to be in a good mood and informs her that she did pretty good in the exam, especially her performance in Classic literature (which is Hijikata’s subject) was awesome.

Chizuru is all (*´ω`*) and ecstatically thanks Hijikata, thinking all that study was worth it for getting his praise. Suddenly Okita pops up and says Chizuru is amazing for getting such good results. He then asks Hijikata why he isn’t praising Okita even though both of them are his students, and teases that favoritism isn’t good. AND TROLL OKITA MAKES A COMEBACK YO Hijikata is less than amused, especially since Okita had done some prank in his exam paper.( I believe it might be THIS pic from the fandisk 😀 )

After yelling a bit Hijikata tries to grab Okita who runs away with Hijikata chasing after him, and a dumbfounded Chizuru watches this whole spectacle.

After that 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th days nothing happened and I just kept choosing “Study” . (I’m VERY WRONG don’t spam one stat like this)

Thirtieth day

Before noticing it, season changes the Cherry blossoms have all scattered and replaced by green leaves. Chizuru is called by the disciplinary committee room, where she’s surprised to see Hijikata.

Turns out he’s the advisor (well who else could it be) to the disciplinary committee. He asks if there’s something wrong with him being here, and Chizuru embarrassedly replies that it’s just unusual to see him here. Kaoru appears and asks her to relax as they have good news for her.

Kaoru smiling so happily scares me a bit O_o Even Chizuru agrees with me as she wonders whether it really is something good. She tries to glance at Saito but cannot understand anything from his usual stony expression.

Hijikata follows up asking if she’s become accustomed to this school now, to which she happily replies yes, she has made a lot of friends compared to when she first came here.  Hijikata smiles and drops the bomb:

“You are going to enter the disciplinary Committee!” Chizuru=O_O and when she’s stammering “Eh, eh?? Wait a minute, me in the disciplinary Committee?” Kaoru asks her why she’s making a fuss when this is an honor. He adds that she can now help him as his pawn, lol. Saito points out that while Chizuru is under Kaoru’s command, she’s not his pawn.

Nevertheless, he says he’ll welcome her anyway. Ah Saito is smiling (*ノ∀ノ) Chizuru is concerned that she’d only hamper them if she joins, but Saito disagrees and says that

“No. There’s something about you that attracts people. Even if we fail, if you help us with the negotiations many people will come following you.” fhfksjhfkjaha you’re so sweet Chizuru flails saying he’s overestimating her, she has only gotten used to school life and joining the Disciplinary Committee is too much. Kaoru decides it’s time to sort shit out and scowls at her to STFU and just agree, he won’t forgive any more impudence. Saito pulls off an unusual trolling moment as he wonders who did he hear saying that “If Chizuru belongs to the Disciplinary Committee, I can prevent unnecessary guys coming near her”.

OMFG KAORU Y U SO ADORABLE (☆ω☆) I can’t go for you in this game so stop XD Saito says that the reasons might be various, but he’d welcome her anyway. Chizuru is confused and cannot refuse when they are asking so sincerely, but she wonders if it’s ok to agree so easily.  Hijikata calls her, and asks her to lend her arm for a moment. Hijitaka takes something and latches it around her arm and TADA!

“Yosh! Now with this, you are also a member of the Disciplinary Committee!” Look at that smile UNGGGGG ☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´  Chizuru is like (lll ̄□ ̄) as she recognizes that the thing on her arm is the Disciplinary Committee armband. Saito approves and says it suits her, and Kaoru smugly comments that she now looks like  a member of the Disciplinary Committee in every respect (^_^) Chizuru screams that this is tyranny (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ but nobody gives a damn lol

Chizuru narrates that after this day, her life as a Disciplinary Committee member began.

Chizuru is seen subtracting points from a guy who came late at school. The guy is gloomy at first, but when Chizuru in her friendly way advises him not to be late again, he tries to hit on Chizuru and asks if she’d go out with him on this Sunday if he’s not late. But no worries, Kaoru is here to cockblock him 😀

“What are you doing, trying to take advantage of the situation? Do you want to lose your life that much?” The guy pretty much craps himself and runs away.

Saito notes apparently the number of latecomers have increased ever since Chizuru started standing at the gates, lol. Kaoru says he’ll revise the school rules. LOL and do what, make it illegal to date Chizuru? 😀

*******NORMAL END********

OMG I’M SO DISAPPOINTED EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PRETTY GOOD FOR AN “ALONE” END. I thought for once I’d try playing without a walkthrough and this is what happens. Anyway I’m trying again with a walkthrough. Ganbaro, Watashi!

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