Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP Part 4

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This time I just took some different choices so basically the same things happened but the “Hijikata events” didn’t appear so soon and I got to see other people’s events. Also even the Hijikata events were part of the common route, the true route starts after all the conditions are met, precisely the moment I saw the Cherry Blossom scene I knew I had him 😀

The first three day events were completely same. I’ll list them in a Day no: Activity choice: Event format.

1st day: Studying: Chizuru emofags about being lonely, Kaoru being siscon as usual

2nd day: Studying:  Chizuru meets up with the 2 bishies on the roof

3rd day: Exercise: Chizuru finds a fellow cherry blossom okatu in Hijikata when she goes to hand Harada class logbook

However unlike before, nothing happened in the 4th, 5th and 6th days, this time an event happened on the 7th day. Nothing happened on the 8th day but after that there are a lot of changes

4th day: Exercise: Nothing

5th day: Lectured by Saito: Nothing

6th day: Studying:Nothing

7th day: Studying: Same as before, Chizuru gets called by Hijikata to talk about transfer, Okita corrupts Heisuke forever with dirty rumors

8th day: Exercise: Nothing

Ninth day:Before choice: In which Harada proves himself a danger to Chizuru’s maiden heart

When walking in the outer corridors which face the sports ground Chizuru hears a lively voicestops to check it out. Heisuke is complaining to Harada for always making him clean up after their class plays, and Harada shows Saito as an example of dutifulness. But his extreme single-mindedness only manages to freak poor Heisuke out, lol.

Meanwhile Okita is trying to escape from being dragged into this, and Heisuke tries to stop him but he gives the super over-used excuse that he remembered “something urgent”, lol.  Heisuke= (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ Chizuru approaches Harada and asks if everything is all right. Harada says that this is just a usual scene, and Chizuru offers to help tidying up the stuff. Harada is concerned about her classes, but she tells him not to worry.

Chizuru comments that everyone here seems to get along very well. Harada is slightly amused and asks if that’s what it looks like. When Chizuru replies that yes, they all look very friendly, Harada seems a bit down and somehow looks ridiculously HAWT (;゚∀゚)=3

He says that while it’s true everyone is light hearted, everyone’s so buddy-buddy that he can’t even distinguish between teachers and students anymore.

Chizuru asks if he knew them before coming to this school. He then gives a reply that tingles my detective senses: “No, but somehow they feel familiar.” Hmm??? Then he tells to not think about it too much and asks her to help carry the things back to P.E. warehouse.

Since the inside of the P.E. warehouse is dark, Harada asks Chizuru to be careful with her feet, but being a dumb chick she stumbles the next moment with a loud “Kyaaaaaa!!!!” She falls on the mattress and admits that she’s a huge BAKA for messing up even though was warned. Harada worriedly asks if she’s alright.

When she says she’s ok, he asks if she’s injured anywhere and proceeds to check it himself. So he suddenly stoops down and and lifts her feet up close to his face.

Seeing Chizuru’s SHOKKU face he explains that he’s trying to check if she bruised her foot when she fell on the mattress. Chizuru is like (●゚´Д`゚●) MY BODY IS NOT READY when Harada starts CHECKING THE BACK OF HER FREAKIN’ THIGHS fdskjfhjfgkuasdbfkjkl and tries to stop him from giving her a premature heart attack. To make things worse, Heisuke comes in right then carrying the ball.

Obviously his reaction is “AAAAAAAHHHH! OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CHIZURU!!! (щДщ)” The blameless Harada confusedly replies that he was just checking the state of her injury. That gets Heisuke’s attention and he asks if she’s injured. With her reply in negative he’s relieved and sighs saying he was really surprised. Harada remarks that he was the one surprised when Heisuke suddenly started screaming. Heisuke goes (ಠ益ಠ)again and says-

“Chizuru’s bare legs are a cultural treasure; don’t go around touching them so easily!”

SO YOU HAVE A LEG FETISH, HEISUKE? YOUR CHOICE OF PLACE FOR DRINKING BLOOD IN THE MAIN GAME MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE NOW LMAO Harada thinks that’s kind of exaggerated, and Heisuke rages more saying Harada ( I am very interested in the way he calls him “Sano-san” like in the main game and not “Harada-sensei” like Chizuru does.) is too quick to put his hands on Chizuru.

Chizuru has had enough and she asks Heisuke to calm down as she is not injured, which is her gentle way of telling him to stfu. Heisuke believes her obviously while Harada comments being treasured like this can be troublesome too. He asks them to quickly clean up the stuff they brought. Heisuke says they should re-arrange the warehouse a bit better so Chizuru doesn’t fall down again.

Harada is like “Heisuke volunteering to do work? The sun must have risen in the west today” (considering how he’s always trying to bail out) and teases happily “as expected of my student :3 ” Heisuke obviously didn’t mean to do it by himself and gets pissed, telling Harada he can do it himself. Harada is like “Don’t propose stuff if you aren’t going to do it  ಠ益ಠ” when Saito appears to check out what the noises are about.

When Chizuru tells him that they’re discussing about re-arranging the warehouse, Saito catches on quick and asks who exactly is going to do it. Chizuru admits that he has hit the bulls’ eye and that’s what the fight is about. Saito counsels Chizuru to just leave the tools here and return. She is skeptical about leaving those two arguing, but Saito-sama gives his words of wisdom.

He says that there some things that cannot be settled peacefully, and Chizuru cannot deny his logic and follows suit as he exits. Meanwhile the baka duo keep fighting over which things in the warehouse are to be thrown out and Saito’s prediction of no actual cleaning being accomplished comes true. XD

9th day: Exercise: Nothing

10th day: Lectured by Saito: Nothing

11th day: Studying: Nothing

12th day: Studying:Nothing

Thirteenth Day:Marathon tournament (Harada affection point check)

Harada informs her that she did very well, he didn’t honestly think she’d be able to continue till the end. Heisuke soon manages to finish as well, and he’s surprised to already see her here. He tries to bullshit that he thought he was first so he didn’t try to return any sooner. Harada jibes at him saying that that’s a lame excuse for being late, Chizuru is just faster than him. Then he says something  that keeeeels me:

“Even with that small body, you did your best. I like that type of hard-working woman.” FGSAGVFKUHGFKUA (*´д`*)HARADA STOP PULLING OUT YOUR ACE MOVES I’M TRYING TO GO FOR HIJIKATA HERE (*ノ∀ノ) Heisuke is an innocent lamb so he doesn’t get mad and says he’s going to do his best too.

13th day: Exercise: Nothing determined unwavering

14th day: Exercise: Nothing

15th day: Lectured by Saito: Nothing

Sixteenth Day:Hangout with everyone (Okita affection point check)

This was one event that stayed the same, Okita bailing in the middle of the party. Since this is an Okita event and his approval isn’t needed like the others to clear Hijikata.

17th day: Studying: Same as before,The midnight adventures of Baka Chizuru, Chizuru breaks into school to rescue her homework and gets a hug from Hijikata as a reward (?) for her stupidity

18th day: Studying: Nothing

19th day: Exercise: Nothing

20th day: Lectured by Saito: Lunch break gathering (Saito affection point check)

This was one event that stayed the same, Chizuru being emo and Saito telling her to chill. We’re not focusing on Saito much as we don’t need too many points for him to clear Hijikata, only 5.

21th day: Studying: Nothing

22th day:Studying: In which shit gets real enough to give me a heart attack

Before returning to the house Chizuru heads for the courtyard. Warm sunlight brightly shining on the lawn in the garden and filled with the scent of flowers, this is her favorite place. Since many students come here during lunch break, she opts to come after school instead when it is quiet. By herself she can peacefully watch the blooming Cherry blossoms by herself.

She’s surprised as she notices that even though she was thinking no one would be here, there seems to be a previous visitor. It’s none other than Hijikata, who’s quietly standing under the cherry blossom tree and watching the petals fall.

Chizuru feels like that unlike his usual severe presence, the profile of Hijikata seems sad and wistful somehow. His presence feels so far away like a picture separated from reality. Maybe for that reason he seems like a different person from the one she knew.

Suddenly she hears someone say “Cherry blossoms remind me of you.”

She’s surprised since there is no one here except Hijikata and her, and he hasn’t even noticed her yet. She dismisses it as a trick of wind. When Hijikata notices her and greets her with a smile saying it’s unusual to see her here, Chizuru can almost believe that his melancholy figure from a few moments ago was a lie.

OMG HIJIKATA-SAMA WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY (*´д`*)  Chizuru asks if he came to see the cherry blossoms, but he denies it saying he came for an inspection (of what? The pinkness of the petals? :/ ).

He admits however, that sometimes it feels good to be away from the craziness of a school teacher’s life. Then he states that cherry blossoms are his favorite. Hearing that Chizuru is like ☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚) and eagerly exclaims that they’re her favorite too. Hijikata says he understands that even if she doesn’t say it, since she’s bothering to spend her time here after school.

Chizuru suddenly asks him why he decided to be a teacher of Hakuouki School. He explains to her that when Kondou was selected as the Principal of the school he had invited Hijikata. Their houses were close, and he was also grateful to Kondou for a lot of things.

So he accepted the position even though he didn’t want to at first thinking a violent person like himself being a teacher is crazy. Chizuru expresses her opinion that she thinks Hijikata is very much suited to be a teacher. He says self-depreciatingly that she doesn’t need to be wary just because he’s the vice-principal. That launches Chizuru into her violent tirade of affection mode:

 “No! This is not me being wary! Hijikata-Sensei takes care of others, and you only get angry where there is reason to be so. I think such a teacher is priceless.” THANK YOU CHIZURU FOR SAYING SOMETHING OF VALUE MOMMY IS GLAD TO SEE YOU GROWING UP

Hijikata grins and asks if she wants a scolding from him. UM OK IF IT’S A SPANKING lol I mean just look at that S face Chizuru is fshfkj (-ω-。) I didn’t mean that D: Hijikata assures her that he understands and he’s grateful for her words, and comments that she’s overestimating him. Chizuru sulks a bit that she said the words earnestly from her heart, but cannot manage to say that.

Hijikata turns more serious and states that even if Kondou hadn’t invited him, he has another reason for not leaving this place.

 “Under this tree, is probably where my body is buried. Because this is the place I saw at the very end, I do not want to go away from here.”


(●゚´Д`゚●) (●゚´Д`゚●)(●゚´Д`゚●)

Seeing Chizuru’s O_O face he says that it’s ok if she doesn’t understand what he’s saying.  Chizuru is thoroughly confused by his words, saying things about being buried even though he’s standing right in front of her. She doesn’t think his words were a joke.

Most importantly, seeing Hajikata look at the cherry blossoms with lonely eyes, she cannot help but feel an unexplainable urge to draw closer to him.

Hijikata tells her to get home before dark, and when Chizuru asks if he too won’t be get going, he responds that he’ll watch the blossoms for a little more while. Chizuru thinks she wants to be together with him for a little more if that’s the case. But she knows that Hijikata wouldn’t allow that, so she leaves and goes back home.

23th day:Exercise: In which Harada is a love guru

Harada apologetically asks Chizuru to help carrying some tools for P.E. class and she happily agrees saying she had spare time anyway. She offers to help prepare for the next day as well, but is surprised to notice that it would be held in the classroom instead of the sports ground. She can guess the content of the class from the materials, so she feels embarrassed and is like (◡///Д ///◡ ). ARE THOSE CONDOMS??????? O_o If they are, this situation is pretty risky isn’t it *nosebleeds*

“Chizuru, your face looks somewhat red.”

LOL Harada could you really be that clueless? I think you’re just trolling  Anyway Chizuru dodges the question saying that’s it probably because the temperature is pretty high today. Harada agrees and says certainly this spring is getting quite warm, with all the flowers in full bloom. He opens a window for her and Heisuke, who was playing in the grounds notices her. He waves excitedly at Chizuru and she waves back.

Harada comments that they’re on pretty good terms. Chizuru says that it’s because they’re childhood friends. He reflects on the words “childhood friends” a bit and then laughs, saying that Heisuke is going to get in trouble for waving at her in the middle of club activities. True to his predictions a third year starts bitching at Heisuke LMAO

Harada then asks Chizuru that if she has adjusted to school life here. Chizuru happily tells him that even though she didn’t have many close friends when she first came here, the number of people she knows has slowly increased.

Harada is glad to hear that, and asks her to tell him in case of any troubles. I love them caring types  (♥ 3 )Chizuru comments that Harada really takes good care of his students. Harada seems a little self-conscious and says that that is because as a teacher, he wants to help when he can. He adds that he’s especially concerned for her, as it seems to him that Chizuru is not aware of her surroundings (basically meaning she doesn’t get all the guys starved of female company want to bang her). Chizuru doesn’t get that and assures him that even though she was nervous at first, she’s getting familiar with school life just fine.

Harada is amused by her answer and asks her to first tell him what she thought of Heisuke’s reaction from before. Chizuru replies that she think Heisuke is worrying about her when he should be focusing his mind on club activities. Harada grins and comments that while that isn’t a bad answer, he cannot give her pass marks. Basically he’s saying you’re dumb Baka Chizu  

Harada goes like “le sigh this person doesn’t get a man’s heart at all, what a pity” and Chizuru is confused. He helps her out with a clue: what would a guy think if he saw the girl he liked alone with another guy in a classroom after school.

NO THAT WASN’T OBVIOUS AT ALL fhjgfyjsgdjhahkdg But even this doesn’t get through to Baka Chizu who is just “I don’t understand (OωO)” So he changes the question: how would SHE feel if she saw the guy she likes with other girls. Chizuru is confused by her lack of experience, as she doesn’t have any such person whom she likes. She tries to imagine such a scenario and guesses she would have wanted to stop the guy from being with others. Finally she settles on the word “jealousy”.

Harada gives this really adorable smile and says such a cute answer might be pretty close to the truth. Chizuru gives up for now and muses if it’s too early for her to understand things like “a man’s heart”. When she asks Harada what the meaning of the question was he says it was nothing. Then he gets a bit poetic about love and Chizuru wonders if such a day for her will ever come.


Dundundun and that’s all for today see you guys on the next post where NSFW things will happen~

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