Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP part 5

(Continued from previous post)

And finally some NSFW stuff in this post fufufufu

24th day: Lectured by Saito: Nothing

25th day:Studying: Same as last playthrough, Hijikata gives Chizuru a lift in his car and she finally starts having naughty dreams about him

26th day:Before Choice: Same as last playthrough, Chizuru does well on her tests while Hijikata and Okita brawl on the corridors

26th day:Studying: In which Chizuru gets one step closer to popping her cherry

In the morning Harada tells the class during homeroom that today’s ancient writing class will be a self-study because Hijikata is absent. With his one sentence the whole classroom becomes full of noise. With an order to stfu Harada tries to go out of the classroom, but Chizuru stops him to ask if Hijikata is sick. Harada says that apparently Hijikata has a cold, his voice sounded hoarse when he called in sick in the morning. He didn’t come so as to not spread his cold among the students.

Harada jokes that for that demon Hijikata to catch a cold, it must be a pretty strong virus. Chizuru wonders if he’s ok, and a slightly playful Harada asks her if she’s worried about Hijikata.  She replies that since Hijikata lives alone, she’s concerned whether he’d get stuff like food and medicine properly. Harada comments that he wishes Hijikata would let a woman take care of him at a time like this, but he’s unlikely to rely on anyone at his time of weakness.

Then he asks Chizuru to drop by Hijikata’s house after school and check up on him. Chizuru is worried Hijikata might get angry at her for this, but as always Harada is a smooth talker.

“It’ll be alright if it’s you. Even that guy won’t be able to coldly send away such a cute student who came to visit him.” Why you playa 😀 Chizuru wonders if it’s ok, it isn’t like her going would change anything. Then Harada emotionally blackmails her and says

“It’s ok if you don’t want to go, I won’t force you.” You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you >.< Anyway Chizuru hurriedly asks him to let her go, and he says he’ll be relying on her.

All throughout the classes Chizuru worries if she did the right thing by being swept away with the momentum and agreeing.

She frets about the possibility that she might be turned away as soon as Hijikata sees her face, but when he takes a long time to answer the door she becomes worried instead thinking he might have fainted from high fever. When she’s thinking about all this a rugged-looking Hijikata opens the door. Chizuru greets him and asks how his condition is. He’s a bit grumpy as he says:

*cough* As you can see, not very good. I cannot afford to take care of you at this moment.” Chizuru quickly explains that he doesn’t need to do so, she only came to visit and will return after making him a meal. Hijikata’s a bit surprised, but he notices the shopping bag in her hand and after thinking for while, says with a big sigh:

“Telling you my address asking to pay a sympathy visit, and making you do unnecessary things like preparing meals…..must be Harada.” XD You’re sharp Hijikata-sama.  Chizuru nervously answers that while Harada did tell her the address, she wants to cook for him of her own accord. Hijikata is unusually surprised and asks “For me?” to which she replies yes.

“Ok, I understand. When you’re done cooking, quickly go back home.” But his next mumbled words are-

“ *cough cough* It’s be all for nothing if I end up passing my cold to you.” Tsundere-sensei is back nyuuuu~ he’s worried for her, so sweet like always ♥ Chizuru is surprised that his reason for telling her to go home was that.

After entering the kitchen guided by Hijikata, Chizuru stares at the room for a bit since this is her first visit to Hijikata’s house. He grumbles what she’s gawking at, and she almost ends up standing straight up like they’re in class lol Anyway she asks him for permission to use the things in the refrigerator, he consents but says she’ll be disappointed.

He goes back to his room to rest, telling her to call him when the food is done. Chizuru is all fired up and determined to make a yummy meal, but she finds out that Hijikata was right and his bigass fridge doesn’t have anything of value inside XD She’s like (_) and guesses he must eat out a lot then. She feels that she was right to buy the minimum necessary things to cook a meal was the right choice after all. Chizuru then goes full throttle and cooks some porridge with lots of onions and eggs, and after it starts smelling good goes to Hijikata’s room with the pot in her hands.

There is no answer when she knocks, so she presumes he must have fallen asleep while waiting. He was looking pretty beat-up when he answered the door, it must have been taxing for his body to even stay awake. When she enters the room, sure enough, Hijikata was asleep in bed.  Putting the pot on the desk quietly, she contemplates if it’d be right to raise him from his sleep, he might have taken some medicine.

For now she puts a cooling pack on his forehead and prepares to gtfo by writing a note telling him to eat the porridge. But somehow she doesn’t feel like going back when Hijikata’s sleeping so close by. So she decides to see his sleeping face once before going, and leans forward to put her weight partly on the bed to observe him closely. Most brilliant idea she ever had /(^o^)


Of course what she did was drool after his hotness and then kick herself mentally for realizing the truth that he’s a sexy man-beast RAWR “Strong nose, long eyelashes. And with such a handsome face, he looks more like an actor or a model than a teacher. With his skin slightly sweaty from the fever, and his long neck visible through the loose collar, he seems quite sexy. The moment I thought that my face started blushing hotly. ” OMG CHIZURU YOU’RE BECOMING AN WOMAN YAY (*´∀`)♪ 

She decides to go back, thinking “At this rate, I’m going to be affected in many ways.” Lol However, when she tries to raise her body from the bed, she’s pulled strongly back towards it and finds herself lying on top of Hijikata. hgjfhugkshklfkjf (*´`)σ)))))*3゚),・´ ♥♥♥


She notices that Hijikata’s voice is only a low groan, meaning he isn’t awake yet. But his hand doesn’t let her go, rather his grip only strengthens. He murmurs “Cold” and simultaneously keeps her captive and warms himself by embracing her head tightly.

Her heart starts beating fast with her face pressed against his chest. Moreover, the smell of his feverish skin makes her feel somewhat dizzy. She begs him to wake up in her mind (why aren’t you saying it loud? Hmmm ^ω^? ) and thinks that whatever the circumstances might be, staying in this pose is bad for her heart. (*´д`*)

Then porn music starts (I really love this track :3 )

Chizuru lets out a small scream as the situation becomes even more unsalvageable when a half-awake Hijitaka’s hand ends up on her ASS  LMAO (;゚) He doesn’t just stop at touching, he gets a pretty good feel and Chizuru thinks he probably has confused her with his lover or something.

She tries to tell him that but before she can do that his hands start groping her boobs lol She regrets taking off her jacket while cooking as it has left her with only a thin blouse now. Since Hijitaka has mad skilled hands she starts liking it but remembering the fact it she’s getting groped by her FREAKIN’ TEACHER makes her almost die of embarrassment and she’s like, OMG noooo wake up senseiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Hijikata finally opens his eyes slightly (I lol’ed at how they used one CG for the whole situation and he had his eyes open the whole time XD) and says “You were in a place like this…” and gives a very kind smile, “like a gently blooming flower” in Chizuru’s words. Even though she really loved it, she assumes that he’s giving such a tender expression only because he confused her with his lover. That makes her doki doki feelings stop immediately.

But she soon realizes that letting down her guard was reckless as his hand now starts exploring uncharted territories (that is, under her skirt lol). Things starts getting more heated, and Chizuru is torn between enjoying the newfound sensations despite how she protests them (read, pretend to protest, there was so much moaning it was embarrassing to even read ( 〃Д〃)) and emoing over the fact that he’ll be disturbed when he finds out it’s her he is embracing and not his lover.

Bothered by that train of thought, she lets out a final, louder “No!!” and when Hijikata’s grip loosens, the squirming Chizuru bounces off and falls flat on her ass on the floor LMAO


She quickly fixes her skirt as Hijikata raises his upper body and innocently asks what she is doing. Chizuru says that she came to wake him up. He becomes slightly embarrassed for falling asleep and thanks her. I hate how they didn’t change his clothes in the sprite >.<

He mentions that he was seeing a dream from a long time ago, and Chizuru asks if the dream was about his lover. He confusedly asks why she’d think so, and Chizuru replies that it is because he was laughing so happily.

OMG LOOK AT THAT BLUSH (*´д`*)(*´ω`*)(*ノ∀ノ) He’s pretty embarrassed to have laughed in his sleep, and the fact it seen by his student makes it worse XD Without intending to, Chizuru suddenly asks him if he loved that person, though she thinks it’s obvious from his smile anyway. Hijikata smiles and says:

“I loved her. No, I should say that I still love her.” fghhjfgasgdajh Hijikata I’m torn between swooning (*´д`*) from the romantic lines you’re saying and wanting to bonk you on the head ( ಠ益ಠ ) for not realizing you’re making the poor girl sad D:  He gives that gentle smile again, and Chizuru’s heart throbs painfully like a cruel wound.  She feels like she cannot win his heart even if she tries her whole life, and her heart hurts even more.

Hijikata notices her suddenly falling silent, and when he asks her what’s wrong she suddenly takes off saying she’s going home now. Hijikata is just O_o As she runs away Chizuru thinks that Hijikata might find her acts suspicious, but she doesn’t have the composure to deal with it right now. She returns home barely holding back her tears.

I’ve already acquired all my needed points by now so I could do whatever I wished now, I just followed the walkthrough and gave Okita some love~

27th day: Hanging out with Okita: Nothing

28th day: Hanging out with Okita: Nothing

29th day: Hanging out with Okita: Nothing

30th day: Hanging out with Okita: Nothing

Chizuru comes to Hijikata’s room for her after school lessons. He asks why her usual noisy bunch of friends aren’t with her. Lol Chizuru explains that they have club activities, and whines a bit that having Hijikata give private lessons to only her seems unfair. Hijikata tells her stop emofagging as the decision to teach her was made by himself.

Oddly enough the porn music is used here too 😛 Chizuru starts feeling self-conscious as today it’s only Hijikata and her in the room. Normally at least one of her posse is with her, but today nobody came. Ever since that incident in Hijikata’s house, her heart becomes noisy whenever she sees him.

“If meeting him is painful, I should just avoid him…but not seeing him hurts even more.”

I am somehow so touched by this line(_Ganbatte Chizuru Anyway for this reason she couldn’t stop herself from coming even though she knew it would be just the two of them. While thinking about this stuff she had stopped writing, making Hijikata look over her shoulder and tells her to ask him if she doesn’t understand any parts.  This causes his body to stick close to her back, making her feel the temperature of his body and turning her on XD Her whole body stiffens and Hijikata asks if she didn’t hear him.

Even though he’s saying normal stuff Chizuru gets even more turned on when he talks so close to her ear and her shoulders tremble slightly. She tells him she was just feeling absent-minded, which he interprets as tiredness from studying. Chizuru is relieved, and thinks about she might actually be tired from being in such close proximity to him.

Hijikata suddenly offers her something and she finds out it’s Candy XD Seeing her confused face he asks if she hates candy, to which she hurriedly replies that she just was surprised that he’d have the candies with him. He teases if she thought it doesn’t suit him, making Chizuru pretty tongue-tied. Then he explains that the candies aren’t for him, he keeps a jar of candy to give to the students who are tired from studying.

Chizuru wonders if he carries the candies in his pocket to reward the students trying their best. That’s so cute ^3^ Putting the candy in her mouth, Chizuru notes that it’s strawberry flavored. Staring at Hijikata’s lips as she rolls the candy in her mouth she makes a really bold statement then:

“Hijikata-Sensei…you’re good at kissing, right?” WTF WHERE DID THAT COME FROM_TOO BOLD CHIZURU

Hijikata’s like O_o “wth are you teasing me” and Chizuru says that Heisuke was saying that there’s a rumor Hijikata was seen bringing different women to his home so it’s natural for him to be good at that. (I think she made that up, Heisuke should value his life :/ ) Hijikata’s pissed and wonders where the hell people get that type of ideas.

He proceeds to explain that after returning home he’s just a normal guy and not a social recluse, having 1 or 2 female acquaintances is not unusual. Chizuru sulks a bit that it’s natural for a hot guy like him to be popular among women.

 “Anyway, what’s the relation between that and kissing? Could you were thinking stupid things like whether it’d taste like strawberries?” I think he hit the nail on that one

Chizuru ignores him and keeps wondering what type of woman Hijikata’s girlfriend would be. I lol’ed when she started thinking about what type of “adult kisses” would they have XD However He successfully manages to catch her attention by saying:

“In that case, do you want to give it a try?”

fhkjugfhdgi I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE THAT S FACE (*´д`*)  Chizuru is really shocked, and Hijikata laughs at her and says:

“Just kidding. Haha, are you really that surprised?” GRRRRR Hijikata that was a really dick move WHY U BREAK THE POOR GIRL’S HEART(ノಥ益ಥ)Chizuru is pretty much turned into stone from the shock, and as Hijikata jokingly goes on about how it’s impossible for the two of them she’s speechless at how he’s just laughing about it.

“What should I do? I..can’t laugh. Right now, I can’t laugh no matter how hard I try.”(_) Poor thing She asks him if there is someone he’d seriously kiss for real then. She remembers that he said he had a person whom he still likes, and a voice inside her tells her to not hear anything more. Still she wants to hear it.

He says that there is only one woman that he has seriously loved, and he doesn’t think there can be any other person whom he’d love as much. Chizuru is heartbroken and she’s convinced that she cannot deceive herself anymore by denying the fact that he’s still in love with that person.

She’s specially broken up by the fact that his expression when he said “I love her” was gentler than she had ever seen, and she wonders if he really loves that person that much. She is now totally convinced that she has no way to ever enter his heart and he’ll always regard her as just a student. Hijikata asks her if she’s okay, concerned by the troubled look on her face, she says she’ll be returning early as she’s feeling sick. When Hijikata offers to send her home she vehemently refuses and runs away.

When she eventually runs out of breath and stops, she finds herself under the cherry blossom tree where she and Hijiakata met some days ago. She finally admits to herself that she is seriously in love with him, or else she wouldn’t have been shocked that much. She understands why she’s not suitable for him, as he’s an adult much more mature than a child like herself and even if he treats her gently as his student, he would never see her as a lover.

 “As soon as I finally understood what love is, I get my heart broken. This is too much…”

When she rubs her eyes with her uniform sleeve she notices it has become wet. She’s surprised to find herself crying (a nice break from anime Chizuru who kept crying all the time >.<). Then she finally lets go and cries her heart out under the cherry tree.

When he returns home, at first Kaoru is raging at how late he is, but as soon as he sees that her eyes are all red and swollen from crying he becomes very concerned.

“Did someone bully you? Say bad things to you? Tell me if it’s so, and your nii-san will have your revenge for you.” Kaoru you’re such a good brother (●゚´Д`゚●) Chizuru says that it’s different, nobody bullied her.

“I just….selfishly fell in love. It’s nobody’s fault, nobody….” Kaoru stares at her sadly as she states that it would have been better not to fall in love if love is this painful, and she’s glad that she didn’t realize it for a long time. Kaoru tells her he understands, so she doesn’t need to say anything more. He proclaims while comforting a crying Chizuru:

 “No matter what, this time I will be on your side. Your onii-san’s most important wish is only for you to be happy.”  ALL MY FEELS (;´Д`) So it seems like Chizuru is the one so far who can’t remember her past life and thankfully Kaoru has chosen to be a good boy this time~  After crying her heart out Chizuru couldn’t even remember how she fell asleep when she wakes up the next morning.


Even though Chizuru emofagged a lot in this part I can’t blame her, Hijikata sends a lot of confusing signals~ Only one more part until the end of this route I think. Or maybe two depending on how lazy I am~

Next part Here~

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