Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP part 6

(Continued from previous post)

Chizuru spends the whole weekend spacing out in her room. Since the next day was a school day, she’s worried when she’d meet Hijikata again she’d trouble him by breaking out in tears. She wishes she could just forget all these problematic feelings.

At that moment Kaoru enters her room and comments her face looks really awful. He asks her to do a favor for him and tells her that he wants her to deliver some packages to the school stuff who’ll be attending the Hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) event. Chizuru is skeptical that what business does a student like Kaoru would have with this, but she complies and goes to the viewing point in the park with a hot coffee pot and snacks.

The park air is comfortably cool, the wind blowing in a gentle breeze. Chizuru remembers how she found Hijikata looking up at the cherry tree in their school. She feels like Hijikata is gorgeous like the Cherry blossoms.  She fell in love with such a beautiful and strong person like him, but she’s sad that she couldn’t tell him her feelings. When she is thinking about all these suddenly Hijikata appears.

Chizuru is SHOKKU to see him and her voice trembles as she asks him why he’s here. He replies that obviously he’s here to secure his seat for the Hanami, and asks what business she has here at this late hour. Chizuru explains Kaoru’s request, and comments that she didn’t expect to see him. Hijikata also explains he has been looking forward to the Hanami so he came to secure the seat, and invites Chizuru to sit beside him.

When Chizuru fidgets about it he says he needs to talk to her. She wonders what he wants to talk about and sits down after taking her shoes off. Hijikata throws her a blanket and tells her to put it over her legs as it gets cold at night. Awww how nice ❤ Chizuru hesitates a bit but he tells her to just do it, and she complies since even though it is springtime the night wind was freezing her fingers.

She notices Hijikata’s right cheek is slightly red, and when he asks Hijikata informs her he was hit by Kaoru LOL Chizuru freaks out and apologizes, making Hijikata ask why she’s the one being sorry. She answers that it’s because he’s her brother, and tries to defend him saying he must have had a reason.

Hijikata says he knows the reason, and reaches out with his hand to caress below her eyes.  He sadly asks her if it’s his fault that she has such swollen eyes. Chizuru tries to deny it but he apologizes anyway.

“I’m sorry. Without knowing your feelings, I said such insensitive things….”

Good job Kaoru for beating some sense into him. (*´ω*) But Chizuru doesn’t feel the same as me and she’s pissed, worrying about what exactly Kaoru told Hijikata. Even if he did it thinking of her, she didn’t want Hijikata to know about her feelings from Kaoru’s mouth.

Hijikata continues his speech saying that recently she has been depressed and he wishes he’d noticed it earlier without Kaoru telling him. That gives Chizuru a little hope, and at her prodding he reveals that Kaoru only told him that she cried over his tactless remark. Chizuru realizes he still doesn’t know she likes him, and is faced with the choice to whether pretend nothing happened or to confess the truth.

FINALLY we get a “normal” VN style choice:

1. Convey my feelings

2. Don’t say anything

You can pretty much guess which option gives which end. I chose the Bad end first to get it out of the way.

—–>2. Don’t say anything

Chizuru decides that since nothing would change even if she confessed, she should just keep quiet.

She starts monologuing that she used to worry about how long she could survive in this school and she felt lost when she couldn’t make friends. But she has made friends now; also she has met a person like Hijikata. Hijikata smells BS and knows she’s trying to change to direction of the talk.

 “Thanks for saying that, but Chizuru, are you really…”  Chizuru cuts him off saying school has nothing to do with her reason for crying. She claims maybe Kaoru misunderstood and she’s sorry for troubling Hijikata. He is not entirely convinced but he asks her to consult him if she feels like talking.

Chizuru laments that she couldn’t tell him the truth after all, but it’s good enough just being beside him. She asks if he wants some coffee, he happily agrees and thanks her. When she hands the coffee to him their fingers touch slightly, giving her a little bit of pain in her heart. She thinks how she’ll suffer many such heartaches in the future, and hopes someday this pain will turn into a memory.

GYAH So depressing….anyway on towards the correct choice:

—–>1. Convey my feelings

Chizuru decides leaving things to their current state is not okay at all. Even if it’s impossible for her, she wants Hijikata to hear her feelings. She is sure that if she doesn’t confess now she will regret is later.

“Hijikata-Sensei, I like you. I really like you.” Hijikata is taken aback by her confession, and Chizuru thinks it’s normal for him to be so if a student suddenly blurts out a confession like this. Anyway Hijikata then asks her that if she remembers what he said about having a person he liked. With Chizuru’s assent he explains-

“Though you might not believe this, I once died during the Edo period. Possibly under that Cherry blossom tree at the school.”  SO REINCARNATION THEORY IS CONFIRMED NOW, YAYAY~ Chizuru is confused, and Hijikata says that it’s ok if she cannot believe it. He didn’t believe in things like reincarnation before either.

At that time he loved a girl who also loved him back, and she witnessed his final moments. When she saw him die she tried to force herself to smile, and he couldn’t even swipe her tears. That he had to leave her behind was his only regret. OOOOKAAAYYY SO THEY’RE GOING WITH THE ANIME ENDING WITH THE INTERPRETATION THAT HIJIKATA DIED? UM OK WHATEVER MY HEADCANON IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME OTHER THAN HIJIKATA JUST BEING UNCONCIOUS AND NOT DEAD.

“That is why, I swore that the next time I fall in love with a woman I definitely won’t make her cry. I promised to myself that I’ll wipe away all her tears.” So Nostalgic these lines  (●´Д`゚●)

“Chizuru. You’ll never have to cry alone. I’ll always be near you to wipe your tears.”

Coupled with his previous statement, the implication behind his words are too big for even Baka Chizu to ignore. She asks him hopefully “Sensei, do you…” and he answers before she can finish-

 “I’m in love with you. I have been hesitating to say it, but I do love you from the bottom of my heart.” A blushing heartfelt confession OMG MY HAPPINESS WHERE DO I PUT IT (*´)σ)))))*3),´  (˘˘) not just “suki” but “aishiteru” kya~~~~

A thunderstruck  Chizuru can’t believe this completely unexpected confession and she’s rendered speechless. A heavy silence flows.

She suddenly explodes from so much tension and screams that she doesn’t understand, how can Hijikata treat her as an object of a joke again. Then he says-

“Even so, I’ll have to say it. I cannot hold myself back anymore, even if we’re teacher and student.”

I guess too much excitement broke her brain XD and she still acts as if he rejected her. When she keeps saying that even now she loves him and can’t give up on him, he pulls her in a tight hug. His embrace is strong enough to confirm his presence, and his whispered words in her ears make her believe completely. Hijikata mentions that when he got back his memories of his previous life he thought he’d never be able to fall in love again.

“However, after you entered this school, I was driven completely mad.” fbjsgdfkjhadk mo dameeeee (*´д*)(*´д*)(*´д*)

Chizuru finally calls him out on his previous dickish demands for her to transfer schools and insists on an explanation why he’d do such a thing to the one he loves. Hijikata snaps back saying it couldn’t be helped, he wanted to put distance between them before he became too attached to her.

“Besides!  How could I leave you in such a place alone only surrounded by other men?”

Chizuru is surprised to find that he was worried and asks him if he was so. He embarrassedly admits that-

 “I was terrified that you’d be taken away by other guys…are you laughing at me?” Chizuru assures him she wasn’t laughing, she is just really happy that he was thinking about her. For the first time since she came here she laughs happily, which makes him blush hotly and he averts his face (*´ω*) Y U SO CUTE I CAN’T TAKE IT He then asks her if it’s okay if he likes her, since there might better men for her in the future. Chizuru’s like_no thank you I don’t want anyone other than you” and he admits he feels the same about her.

He gives her that gentle smile that she had hoped to receive someday. Then at last-

FINALLY A KISS~ (˘˘)(˘˘)(˘˘) At first it was just soft pressing of lips, but with time it became deeper and when Hijikata’s tongue starts entering her mouth she trembles with nervousness and surprise. But she doesn’t want to let go and keeps holding onto him with trembling arms and keeps answering his kiss. With the movements of Hijikata’s skilled tongue sweet numbness spreads throughout her body, and even though chilly wind is blowing outside only their entwined tongues seem to burn hotly. I FEEL LIKE I’M WRITING A HARLEQUIN NOVEL LMAO

Chizuru wants to kiss like this even longer, but her body cannot take anymore of the sexy man-beast’s hotness and Hijikata catches her just before her body collapses to the ground like the piece of well-kissed pile of goo she is XD She is out of breath and when she dazedly calls Hijikata he kisses her again ( I can imagine she’d look pretty erotic at that moment, the man has pretty admirable restraint).

After the kiss they sit down to view the cherry blossoms together, snuggling with her back to Hijikata. Hijikata comments how they can stay warm with just one blanket sitting like this, and grumbles how it’s too bad he can’t be with her the whole night like this. He pulls her head back and gives her a kiss on the forehead this time. Chizuru wonders if he is actually a kissing bandit. Lol

Hijikata notes that Chizuru smells really nice and asks if she took a bath. His hot whisper in her ear makes her shiver. She is not sure if it’s because they kissed, but his voice seems extraordinarily sexy and she gets turned on just from that.  (*´∀`)♪  NO CHIZURU IT’S NOT JUST YOU HIS VOICE IS SEXY

“In that case, do you want to get into a bath together next time?” *EPIC NOSEBLEED*♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)(*ノ∀ノ)

Chizuru is like WHAAAAAT (●´Д`゚●) and he laughs.

“Haha, just kidding. You made such a funny face, as if you were facing death or worse.” Yeah the girl likes to overreact doesn’t she. :/ He says he wanted to tease her because she always gives such cute reactions~ He starts mentioning that something about “that time when she came to his house” but when Chizuru notices what he’s saying he quickly snaps his mouth shut. She looks at him with suspicion and becomes sure that he’s hiding something. Then she flips her shit when she realizes the truth.

“YOU WEREN’T ASLEEP BACK THEN???!!?!?!!?” (щ(Дщ) Hijikata also gets embarrassed and says-

 “Shut up. I really was asleep at first…but even though I wanted to stop halfway it was your fault for exciting me with your cute voice. Praise me for being able to control myself until the end.” lol look at that blushing angry face (*´ω*) Seeing his defiant attitude Chizuru is like “I don’t even know anymore” I guess she has finally been disillusioned about men XD Hijikata is a bit worried when Chizuru turns away from him like a sulky child, and promises not to deceive her anymore.

 “Next time I’ll properly seduce you before proceeding to sex.” fghhkhugdfhgd this part is making me anemic too much stimulation Chizuru=_and when Hijikata gets a little defensive seeing her face, she declares that it’s her fault for expecting him to understand a woman’s heart. When he asks what she means by that she just answers in “nothing really” o3o Then Hijikata gives her a warning that:

“If you act too cheeky I’ll seriously attack you.”

The next moment he’s makes good on his threat as he grasps her chin to turn her around and starts eating her face again: D

Chizuru is so glad to be like this her tears start falling, and Hijitaka scoops them up with his lips. He asks if she dislikes this, and when she says no tells her he’ll wipe all of her tears.  Laughing, he adds that wiping her tears is his duty. Chizuru wonders if he wiped his past lover’s tears saying this. She still can’t claim that this doesn’t bother her, but at this moment she only wants to concentrate on the heat of his lips. “For now, this heat belongs to me alone…” Yandere Chizu yay?

“As the petals of the cherry blossoms in bloom noisily scatter in the night breeze, they dance around like pieces of snow. That day, the kiss we shared in that place, I won’t forget my whole life…”

There is more, but I wouldn’t have minded even if this was the end, this part was so romantic~~

Stay tuned for the next part and pr0n~!

14 thoughts on “Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP part 6

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  2. OMG your review is so detailed. Thank you for such a nice post ^-^ I don’t play this game yet but I think this game is good and the arts are lovely for DJ xD Can’t wait for your next post ^-^

    Btw did you play Trick or Alice? I give up that game lol the story is so confusing~

    • I am having some problems with Trick or Alice, my game seems corrupt so I’m getting it from a friend. I donno if I’ll be able to play though, I hear it doesn’t support AGTH/ITH.

      • o.O it doesn’t support AGTH? I dunno I don’t try it but I can say this game is too long and confusing LOL. O.O I got that game from otomedream and working fine untill I gave up this game ^0^

      • Yeah I download that from there. Hmm last time I check it is only need 2 reading permission and money = 1 so I can access it ^-^ My reading permission is 2 ^0^ atm, I dunno when I can raise it. This forum is very strict’

  3. Woah, thank you for your very detailled review! (o´ω`o)ノ

    I tried to play the demo version, but sadly, it didn’t worked for me… (´;ω;`)
    Btw… you were talking about how Toshi’s voice is hot, so I assume that this game is voiced too? And OMG, there is even more plot? Oh, well I forgot, that THIS is a R-18 game, so there is no way there’s only a kissing end. xD

    How many characters are chaseable anyway? Does Kaoru have a route too?

    • Sorry by voice I was referring to the original game, this game is not voiced 😦 And yeah there is pretty hardcore sex for every good end (other than the sub routes):P

      Kaoru has a sub route that is part of Saito’s route, but only as a sibling, no incest.

      • Ah, okay. It is a fan-game after all, but yeah, somehow I was still hoping for it to be voiced. xD

        Kaoru is such a good bro in this game and such a tsundere. 。◕‿◕。 If he wouldn’t be her real brother I would definitely go for him. xD

        I’m looking forward to the other routes in future. Especially Okita and sexy beast Harada. 😀

  4. Just found your wordpress/blogspot today, and I’ve been rolling on the floor since. Your little comments! The game! The beautiful 2D menz! – insert me swooning all over the place-

    I can’t wait for more pr0n text, heehee. I already got my hot jams ready for it –

  5. YAY! THE NEXT PART! (i was that random stranger commenting about looking to 18+ content =v=) yaaa good end ftwww and pr0n next yehhhhhhh

  6. Lol I have this game as well on my hard drive and I NEVER GOT AROUND TO PLAYING IT LMFAO =_= I have almost all of the Princess Crown Hakuouki doujin games but I’ve been so lazy that I don’t ever bother playing them ~_~ lmfao Princess Crown has pretty good games imo, and I like the way they represent Chizuru as well lol but anyways good to see someone else playing the game and bloggin’ about it :3 are you planning on playing any of the other Princess Crown Hakuouki games? Or are you gonna take a break after so much Hakuouki and go for something else? xD haha

    • Omg I somehow lost this comment so sorry orz
      In fact I sorta forgot about this blog itself, never mind this game XD Curse tumblr addiction….ueah, I was into Princess Crown games for a while, but my interest in Hakuouki has cooled down a bit and recently I’ve been obsessed with Quinrose’s Alice series instead. I need to update this blog with stuff I posted in tumblr but so lazyyyyy -rolls-

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