Diamond no Kuni no Alice- Joker route translation/review

Believe me, Alice. If imprisoning you was my only goal, I wouldn’t have this much devotion towards you.” -Joker

Joker has a short route of his own in Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~, and in this post I reviewed his scenes (two of them) in a lot of detail while opting for word-to-word translation for the end. I went for the good end, “the Stage for Two”.

Note: To completely understand the happenings of Joker’s route one needs to have some ideas about the dream train scenes that are a part of the common route, which I’ll cover someday. Far away into the future, but someday. XD I’ll probably cover the common scenes during my review of Blood’s route, which is crazy long and still work in progress.

~1st ticket~

Alice is in town when she bangs into some guy, but he’s nice enough to apologize even though Alice was the one who ran into him. Alice feels happy about how people are so much calmer during the Survey meetings, but she gets a little tired from all the crowds and decides to go somewhere quiet. Which somehow equals her straying off into the Forest of Arrows (even Alice is confused at her own actions XD).


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My Alice series obsession

Ah, it’s been so long since I posted here! During this interval I’ve been very active on tumblr, mostly obsessing over the Alice series by Quinrose. I guessed it was high time I started bringing them over too, since I’ve been writing some review posts recently and workpress has a better format for those. 🙂

P.S. Blood Dupre and Julius Monrey own my soul. <33333