BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route last part (part 3)

Part 2 here!

This concludes the common route, we’ll move on to Mitsugi route in the next part.

Day 6

The island residents spend most of the day doing the same things as day 5 but don’t obtain much success. There is still no signs of the ship, and tension is high in the air. The musclehead with a short temper and the seaweed head from the canon fodder quartet start arguing, blaming each other for their lack of success and musclehead even takes out his frustration on the glasses dude trying to mediate. In the end Matsuda steps in to calm them down. During this whole time Azuma keeps looking on like an observer, apathy skill level over 9000.

“I can see why they would get frustrated and lose their cool.”

I like how Azuma even calls himself out in his head for acting like this was someone else’s problem. Hongou also tries to diffuse the situation but ends up being criticized by the musclehead and blondie instead. Matsuda points out that regardless of whether their current situation has anything to do with the travel agency being neglectful or not, it’s not fair to blame Hongou when he’s working so hard. Blondie still isn’t convinced and demands compensation once they return to the mainland, and musclehead scoffs that they might never return. 

Azuma finally is annoyed enough by musclehead’s constant provoking remarks and calls him out for it, who claims that everyone is thinking the same and he is just direct enough to speak up. Seaweed head mocks him again and another fight almost starts before Mitsugi cuts in with an “Annoying >.<” and proposes they end things here today since this isn’t the time to be doing this. For once Azuma also agrees with him, as well Shimada and Takara.

The quartet finally calms down, and Matsuda sends everyone to bed with a reminder to meet up at 8 am the next morning. As everyone returns to their cottages with heavy footsteps, Azuma compares the sight with a funeral where the dead are returning to their coffins. “Even though this place was supposed to be a paradise…”

Takara comes up to Azuma for a chat, and comments that Azuma seems strangely calm for the dire situation they are in. Hearing that comment Azuma once again enters a depressing state of mind and thinks:

This is a free place.
There is nothing here.
Nothing but the sea, the grass, and the soil. The only living things here are birds, trees, fishes and mushrooms.
I wondered several times how it would feel to stay here forever.
But you guys are different. You want to go back alive.
You don’t want to die.
Homes to return to, missions bestowed upon you, duties you have to fulfill, places you belong, people to welcome you back.
I don’t have any of these. None.

Takara tells Azuma that he doesn’t need to worry and Takara doesn’t think badly of Azuma taking things easy. After that they return to their cottages, and the next scene abruptly changes to:

Azuma’s room has somehow caught fire while he was asleep. He tries to stand up but collapses on the floor, and guesses that he had inhaled too much smoke while asleep. It becomes clear that the way Azuma sees the world is kinda messed up from his surprisingly clear headed narration as he observes his surroundings. 

When I crane my neck to look, the curtains on fire were swaying happily.
I see. Am I being told to die since I don’t have a place to return to?
There’s nobody who’d mourn me. Nobody who is waiting for me. So you want me to die in this paradise?
Is that how it is, God?

Dude is even smiling, wtf.

Because we’re short on food now, everyone will have it easier with one less mouth to feed.
The manager at my part time job would also have one less person to pay. My apartment would also open up for the next resident.
Huh. Only good things would happen from me dying.
Everyone would be happy if I died.
―――Like fucking hell I will.

Ngl I almost got scared when I reached this scene during my first playthrough, thinking I had reached a dead end and Azuma will let himself burn to death. But no, his spite gives him will to live! Azuma collapses on the floor, but out of sheer willpower manages to crawl to the door. He laughs at the pathetic view he must be showing to be this desperate to live, but still spitefully thinks “Like hell I would let someone be happy from my death. This is my harassment. All of you should suffer.” Azuma still hesitates for a second when leaving, thinking how easy it would be to just sit still. But in the end he manages to shake of that thought and open the door, despite having to pretty much crawl along it to reach the super hot doorknob and turn it. 

Matsuda, who had been yelling Azuma’s name from outside, rushes to help Azuma, who had collapsed soon after crossing the porch, sit up. He is super relieved to see Azuma safe, but he also scolds him out of worry as Azuma had locked his door and made Matsuda unable to enter. Matsuda is like “I was this close to breaking a window”. Hmm, I wonder if this has a deeper Matsuda related reason, regular nakama love, or is Azuma’s body simply losing the adrenaline after Matsuda came over to help, but Azuma thinks “I don’t know why, but the tension is my body goes away just from listening to his voice.” 

Azuma jokes that he closed his door because he didn’t want anyone to come for a “yobai” (=an old japanese practice of sneaking into a person’s room to sleep with them), and Matsuda is like “You idiot! ∑ヾ( ̄0 ̄;ノ -dying from worry-” 

Azuma complains about his feet hurting because he isn’t wearing slippers and Matsuda soothes him, so nice (˶◡‿◡)(´ ❥ `) He asks if Azuma feels anything wrong with his body, then Azuma looks at his serious face and is like  “ooh I never noticed because he’s often making silly faces but he’s handsome when in serious mode uwu”, good job complimenting Matsuda while half dying, sasuga BL game protag (´∀`)b Matsuda half carries Azuma by supporting Azuma’s arm on his shoulders and lays him on the ground. He gently tells a sleepy Azuma to sleep and leaves him in the care of Mitsugi who had popped up like a ninja.  

Note: Mitsugi’s HAIYO when he agreed to look after Azuma made me crack up so hard, for some reason I associate that response with older people who work in small restaurants. “Uncle, give us three bowls of beef ramen!” “haiyo~” or something like that 😂

Mitsugi sits beside Azuma and softly brushes away Azuma’s hair from his face that had gotten all messy from his escape. How unexpectedly nice and intimate??? He comments that Azuma is a tenacious one in a slightly gentle voice than normal (according to Azuma). Azuma is lowkey annoyed at his choice of words but can’t be fucked to argue back as always so he goes to sleep.

Azuma wakes up with a sneeze and Mitsugi is like EW, but he still offers to get Azuma a blanket in case he’s cold. How nice of him ゚・:*。(ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)~。*:・゚

Mitsugi: “It’s a good thing you’re safe. Though we can’t be absolutely sure since there isn’t a doctor here.”

This is the second time he’s brought up a doctor, and I feel like he is legit concerned about the lack of medical facilities on the island, and was not being an ass on purpose the last time. Azuma wants to put out the fire, but Mitsugi calmly explains that all of them agreed that it would be a waste of water considering how the fire is naturally subsiding and isolated enough not to spread to the other cottages or the forest. He also adds that the decision may have been a little late.

While he’s wondering about what he should do, Azuma notices Matsuda approaching them with heavy footsteps. Matsuda shares the bad news that the blonde person living in Cottage C, the one beside Azuma’s cottage and most likely the source of the fire, has most likely died. Unlike the rest of their group he can’t be found anywhere outside, and most likely died inside the still burning cottage. Some of his friends are still searching outside in vain, but Matsuda didn’t encourage anyone to search because it wasn’t practical to use up the stamina of the whole group for something that is very unlikely. Azuma also agrees with his decision.

The fire finally subsides in around 4 hours. Shimada, Hongou and Takara are super delighted to learn that Azuma is safe.

“We had heard that you had inhaled a lot of smoke. You’re amazing to still come out without any injuries. Should I call you lucky? ……I guess luck can be called a type of talent too.”
Shimada bruh aren’t you being a bit too chill about this ತ_ತ 

Most of Azuma’s belongings have burned to a crisp (I lol’ed when Azuma was like “my poor mountain of towels” for a second) except his clothes and shoes which miraculously managed to survive and were fished out of his room. The next step is to check out cottage C. Matsuda and musclehead enter it first to check if it’s safe, and they manage to do pretty easily as all the windows and doors have been reduced to nothing but burnt square shaped holes. The rest of the group wait outside hoping against hope, but such expectations are crushed when Matsuda and musclehead quickly come out with grim faces (the latter actually collapses on his knees from the shock).

Note: There was a strange moment here when Shimada was like “-pant-” and rigidly staring at Matsuda for a moment, Azuma notes that he seemed to be itching to take a picture. Is he excited to get an opportunity to photograph something special even if a dead body? Weirdo…

Now the whole group enters the still hot room full of burnt and raw smells. They find blondie’s burnt corpse on the bed, and we’re faced with one of the grossest CGs I’ve encountered in any VN (Click at your own peril). Why did they have to draw so much unnecessary details on the burnt corpse orz 

Matsuda says a quick prayer, and Shimada takes a picture of the corpse (nobody blames him because it’s for evidence I suppose?). As for the rest, Mitsugi quietly frowns, Hongou lowkey freaks out and Takara is like “Oh no~ T_T” Glasses dude and seaweed head get close to check the corpse, resulting in glasses freaking out and seaweed going a little crazy like “ha.ha.ha. you can’t even tell it’s him anymore’.

Seaweed head then starts blaming musclehead for the incident, saying that he was the one who set fire to blondie’s cottage because they had an argument earlier. Musclehead doesn’t take the accusation well and is about to beat up the other when Azuma and the rest of the group shake out of their confusion and break up their fight (Hongou holds on to seaweed head as he spits saliva while still hurling insults, while Azuma and Matsuda hold back rampaging musclehead). 

Azuma wonders if they shouldn’t bury the corpse, and Hondou points out sadly that they shouldn’t since this is an unnatural death. Matsuda also agrees, even though he also wishes they could put him to rest. Mitsugi also comments that amateurs like them shouldn’t engage in unauthorized activity. 

Hongou now brings up his theory that maybe the fire was caused by smoking in bed. Takara points out that the victim didn’t smoke (rather he was bothered by cigarette smoke), but Matsuda tells everyone to not talk about such things here. Mitsugi consents and leaves after offering a very short silent prayer, and the others follow his example. Once they are outside they try to continue the discussion about the reason behind the fire but it doesn’t go far considering the lack of evidence. Just when Azuma is about to drop the topic and agree to Hongou’s proposal to think about their future steps, Shimada cuts in asking if it’s really ok to do so in case this isn’t an accident but a crime. Takara also concurs.

Takara: “If it’s really so…Is it okay to just keep going like this…?”

Day 7 

Azuma spends the night in Takara’s room since his own room is burnt, and surprisingly enough manages to sleep soundly despite what he went through last night. I hope we get more being roommates with Takara in his own route, their bed arrangement is cute~. The next day he wakes up and finds that Takara isn’t in the room, and has a few moments of contemplation after considering the possibility that Takara went to check if the ship came. (I will always translate/summarize Azuma’s thoughts at points like this, they’re so interesting)

Yesterday I saw a corpse for the first time.
I felt like a distinctive smell, smokey and sweet like the smell of lamb meat was still filling my nostrils. I didn’t feel disgusted, but the body that had lost its form looked so pitiable.
Do I want the ship to come? Would I rather that it doesn’t come?
Even though it should be a choice with a clear answer, right now I don’t feel like picking either.
Today is the 7th day. The last day of the trip schedule. I think today there will be several people who will notice that something’s wrong. That’s why the probability of rescue coming by today is high.
And yet, half of me is thinking that “there’s no need for a rescue”.
――――This is troubling. I feel like death.
“Yesterday’s fire is to blame, I suppose……”
My voice is filled with self-mockery.
I hadn’t become like this for the last few years. It’s true that I didn’t have any money and had sudden depressive episodes, but I had been able to pass my days in a cheerful manner.
Seeing the corpse and getting trapped in the fire myself was likely the trigger.

Azuma tries to shake off his gloominess and turn on the room light, but it doesn’t work. He goes out and runs into Matsuda and Mitsugi in the plaza, who are surprised to see him looking so down. I got chills at Azuma’s dispirited monotone “Morning~” here, and it seemed like Matsuda felt the same. He asks if Azuma isn’t feeling well, and Azuma is like “welp my depression is leaking out, time to put my happy-go-lucky dude mask on” in his head. He cheerfully reports that he slept well, but Matsuda is still slightly worried and all “ok but don’t push yourself”, he’s so caring T_T  On the other hand, Mitsugi calls Azuma super brazen for being able to sleep after almost being burnt to a crisp. Azuma is like “I didn’t burn (๑•̀д•́๑)” but prevents himself from getting into a fight with Mitsugi to thank Matsuda for his rescue last night. Matsuda is “plz stop that makes me feel awk (゚ω゚;)”

Mitsugi gives his trolling a break and normally asks Azuma if he was able to use electrical appliances in his (actually Takara’s, I lol’ed at Mitsugi referring to Takara as “Chibi” 。・゚・(´∀`*)゚・・。) room. It turns out that the electricity is down for everyone else too, and the rest of the people actually went to check out the generator’s state. They return just at that moment with very grim expressions. 

Hongou reports that the generator is not working. He plans to try repairing it but the chances of success is near nil. Matsuda feels bad pushing even more work on Hongou, and Hongou tries to reassure him but suddenly stops talking. It seems like he wants to say something but found it hard to say, and Shimada steps up to share the news. Apparently on their way to the generator, they also took a look at the water tank containing their drinking water and found the water level there to be close to zero. Shimada mentions that there was someone who used a lot of water from the tank in their attempts to put out the fire and side eyes the glasses dude from the cannon fodder quartet. 

Note: I REALLY loved Azuma here _(┐「ε:)__(:3 」∠)_Even though he was out of it after almost being burned to death, he clearly remembered that random line by Mitsugi back then, about how they decided to not put out the fire because it’d be a waste of water but it was already too late. The moment he learned about the water tank being almost empty he was like “oh so that’s what he was talking about when he said it was too late”. I have a shitty memory so I really admire people who can remember little stuff like this.

Azuma figures out that the glasses dude was the one who drained the tank, who glares at Shimada as he admits his fault but the latter stays unfazed. Azuma thinks that this isn’t really anyone’s “fault”, Matsuda is sad but is also like “it couldn’t be helped” and Mitsugi stays silent. Even Shimada agrees with them, but he also points out that regardless of his good intentions, they now have a water crisis in their hands. Surprisingly, the seaweed head comes forth to defend the glasses guy and asks if everyone wanted them to just watch the place burn while sitting on their hands.

Even more surprisingly, Mitsugi steps up to mediate and clarifies that they aren’t blaming anyone, but just pointing out that their situation has changed. Azuma is also surprised like “wow Mitsugi is defending people”.

Note: I lol at how even at day 7 Azuma is like “dude in sportswear” “dude with long hair” “blonde dude” “megane dude” in his head. Is it a coincidence that you’re only close to the hot guys, Azuma? ( ´థ౪థ)

Shimada thanks Mitsugi and says that they indeed are now facing a new situation where not only their food but also their water stocks are dangerously low. Azuma notes that despite the grim content of his words, he seems to have a very calm, almost smiling expression. Shimada asks Hongou if the boat didn’t come today either and Hongou pensively confirms that it didn’t. Nobody is surprised by this and there is only a somber silence.

Hongou is super apologetic, but Azuma and Takara reassure him that it’s not his fault and now that it’s the 7th day, someone might notice their absence and send help. The rest of the party isn’t as optimistic, and Matsuda points out that they need to do something about the food now that the refrigerators aren’t running. Azuma proposes cooking the raw foodstuff but Mitsugi reminds him that it would only last 1 or 2 days more that way. Before they can discuss this idea further, Takara chips in with some good news-he went out to the ruins this morning (worrywart mom Matsuda lightly chides him for going alone at this) and accidentally found an underground storehouse that was cool enough to cause goosebumps, and would serve well as a new storing place for their food.

The group immediately starts transporting the food they had kept stored in the refrigerators, but are unnerved by the sheer decrease in the amount compared to the last time they had to transport food. Azuma notices that seaweed head and glasses are isolating musclehead, but no one else is stepping up to make conversation with him. He chalks it up to musclehead’s short temper and the incident from last night when he was accused of murder. Azuma feels bad for him, but can’t be bothered to speak to him and only whispers a quiet apology.

When Azuma was observing the other’s lack of sympathy towards musclehead, there was this short convo that made me laugh:

Mitsugi: “Drat, this again….my arms are going to fall off…”
Takara: “They won’t fall off this easily. It’s only a little more, keep at it! FIGHT!”

It was also funny how Shimada was carrying his box with one hand and taking pictures with another, Azuma was like “you’re like cameraman no kagami www” (=a perfect example of a cameraman) until he remembered the way Shimada even took pictures of the corpse.

The storehouse Takara found is situated a little past the big house they visited earlier, and has a very warehouse-y feel to its plain structure. It’s in a slightly remote area without any other houses so Matsuda is surprised Takara managed to run into it. Takara cutely boasts about having lots of guts at first (Azuma lols at this), but when Matsuda softly reprimands him about his recklessness he sadly pouts that he also wanted to feel useful. Azuma’s like “?? You’re useful already though?” and Takara is super happy to hear it.

Takara: “! Really? I love you, Azuma!”

When Takara is dicking around trying to glomp Azuma, Shimada and Mitsugi are like “let’s just keep moving our arms can’t take it anymore orz”. Takara goes “ppfft weaklings who have never held anything heavier than a camera/pen”, Shimada’s like “I’m holding it now” and Mitsugi’s like “THIS IS A THOUSAND TIMES HEAVIER” I laughed a lot here ヽ(´∀`)ノ Finally they reach the storehouse and Takara moves to the start of the line to guide them with a flashlight. Matsuda was the one to suggest this, Takara was like “Aye aye sir!” Cute~ (`・ω・)ノ☆・゚::゚ 

Although everyone was bracing themselves for it, there is no stench when storehouse door opens. Mitsugi in particular is super relieved which Azuma notes, lol. The inside is a simple dark room with some wide stairs leading to the underground. At the bottom of the stairs, they find a big and very chilly room with a lot of shelves, and Matsuda deems it a good place to store their food. While everyone is setting things up, Azuma notices another entrance?exit? at the back and goes to check it out. He finds a small passage that leads him to a Zashikirou, a type of indoor jail used during the edo period for confining criminals or other ‘problematic’ people. It’s a little bigger than the jails Azuma has seen on TV, but pretty bare without any toilet or bed.

Azuma is disturbed by the discovery, but he notices that there is no leftover bad smell or any remains of a dead body inside. He has a slightly unnerving moment of empathy-

“…I see.”
I break into a smile unconsciously.
The people here, regardless of the way―――had gained freedom.

Azuma reports his findings to the rest of the party. Matsuda is simply surprised, Mitsugi takes it in stride since something like this is not uncommon in a Meiji era construction, Takara is kinda scared, and Shimada is like “yaaaas this island is really a treasure house of picture taking opportunities”(DUDE CHECK YOUR PRIORITIES WTF). 

They leave their food there and return. From now on Matsuda has to go back and forth between the storehouse and the loghouse everyday when it’s time to distribute the rations, but he’s okay with it. He also briefly considers moving to the storehouse in the future if necessary. Matsuda please don’t push yourself too much ToT They have a distribution right after returning from the ruins. Azuma narrates that everyday they only get food once, so everyone splits their share to have 2 meals. He eats an apple and leaves the meat and veggies to cook later at night (Thankfully the portable stoves are battery powered. They are fucked once they run out of charge though…) He spends the rest of the day helping out in searching for food but doesn’t gain much success. In the end the ship doesn’t come that day either.

At night Takara suggests they go to sleep early, but Azuma can’t fall asleep and keeps thinking back to the dead body and the jail. Since he has no way to keep himself amused by playing mobile games or reading books thanks to the fire burning everything, he decides to take a walk by the seaside. However, while in the plaza he notices 2 people moving something big near the warehouse they store random furniture in. He thinks it’s Hongou and Matsuda running inventory or something, but it turns out to be the seaweed head and the glasses dude. They are super shocked when Azuma calls out to them and run away after punching him. Azuma is briefly puzzled and angry, but soon figures out that the big thing in question was the gum boat and they’re trying to escape the island by themselves. 

Azuma decides to quickly call someone and we get a choice, and since we’re going for Mitsugi route first I’m going for him. The first person who comes to Azuma’s mind was Mitsugi, and he also brainwashes himself that Mitsugi seems like the type to stay up. I lol’ed when he went up to Mitsugi’s door and went all “Mitsugi you asshole open up!!” Don’t verbally abuse someone you’re trying to get help from lmao. Mitsugi also is like “wtf kuso gaki” when he opens the door, but once Azuma fills him in he quickly calms down and instructs Azuma to wake up Hongou while Mitsugi goes after them. Azuma goes “but what can a weakling like you can even do”, making Mitsugi hiss “Then don’t call me in the first place fffs 凸(≡д≡)”. The raging “grrrr” Azuma did when faced with that sound logic was so great that I recorded it ໒(ó ◡ ó)ʋ

Azuma wakes up Hongou as well and they arrive to the beach to see Mitsugi facing off (?) against the seaweed head while the glasses dude is already onboard the boat floating on the sea. Mistugi informs Azuma and Hongou that the cannon fodders are being totally unreasonable and refusing to listen, so might as well let them go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Azuma’s like “wtf r u saying, I don’t get u” but Mitsugi keeps being an anthropomorphized shrug emoji. Seaweed head is pleased that Mitsugi isn’t trying to fight them, and mockingly tells them that they can play at their sorry excuse of a survival game by themselves. Hongou tries to convince them that the sea is dangerous at night but his words fall on deaf ears. Azuma tries to rush out again and Mitsugi grabs his arm with a surprising amount of strength and tells him to let them go.

“It’s useless. From the looks of it, they will not listen to what we say. Even if we stop them by force, they’ll escape again right away.”
I was initially a little pissed at Mitsugi’s careless attitude but he does have some logic here? Seaweed head successfully joins the glasses dude on the boat, and Matsuda, Shimada and Takara arrive around this time. 

EDIT 1: Choosing Matsuda makes Azuma pick Matsuda as his first choice because of his physical strength, and calls him in a much more normal way than Mitsugi lol.

Matsuda also rushes off first telling Azuma to bring Hongou, and this time when Azuma and Hongou arrive at the beach to see Matsuda wrestling with the seaweed head while the glasses dude is on the boat once again. Matsuda tells Azuma to stop the glasses dude and pull back the boat, but before he can do so Seaweed head, fueled by the power of adrenaline, punches Matsuda and  takes Azuma down in a tackle. Azuma gets a face full of water (getting Mitsugi route pond flashbacks, poor Azuma doesn’t get a break in any route, lol) and watches seaweed head join the glasses dude on the boat with bleary eyes, and Mitsugi, Shimada and Takara arrive around this time. //

EDIT 2: In Takara’s route, Azuma just rushes to the nearby cottage and starts yelling for help.

It ends up being Shimada’s cottage, and when Azuma informs him about the issue he asks Azuma to go after the thieves and stall for time while Shimada wakes up everyone else and guides them to the beach. I had high hopes for Azuma here because of his physical fitness, but he ended up not being the fighting sort
_(:3 」∠)_ Azuma arrives at the beach to see seaweed head moving towards the boat and glasses dude already on it. Azuma tries to convince them with logic (I did lol at how he jinxed himself earlier like “I don’t think I can convince them, I don’t even know their names” lmao) that it’s not possible to cross the ocean with a tiny boat like that, and surprisingly enough, seaweed head actually invites him to join them on the boat??? Azuma freezes a little when he hears “let’s go back together”.

Azuma: Ret-
To that daily life?
The desire to return and refusal towards the idea each rules over half of my brain. My clenched fist doesn’t have any feeling. 
Even now, I wanted to stay in this island. Even though there has already been a casualty and it’s a situation where my life also might be in danger. 

At this point Shimada shows up and cuts off Azuma’s depressive thought spiral by calling his name. This honestly is starting to feel like Shimada route rather than Takara’s, lol. Anyway, everyone else finally arrives and Takara checks on Azuma asking if he’s ok. He’s relieved to see Azuma safe as he was worried things might turn into a scuffle. While everyone is fussing over Azuma, seaweed head jumps onto the boat. // EDIT 2 END

Matsuda angrily yells at the boat thieves about how they don’t realize what they’re doing and it’s impossible to return to the mainland by a flimsy gum boat like that. Mitsugi yawns and is like “isn’t it fine to just let them go if they want to do it so bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” Mitsugi has zero patience for such suicidal idiotic assholes, haha. His nonchalant attitude pisses off Matsuda a little and he accuses Mitsugi of acting like this is someone else’s problem. Mitsugi is still 100% chill as he states that they can just substitute the gum boat with something else. Hongou interrupts their convo by yelling at the fleeing duo, begging them to come back because it’s too dangerous, but they don’t believe him. Matsuda warns them that they might die and seaweed head is like “that’s true even if we stay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” and soon disappear into the dark night.

Day 8

The next day they are still at the beach. Azuma seems to have gotten some sleep in the meantime but Matsuda and Hongou have been there the whole time. Seaweed head apparently returned by swimming a couple of hours ago (and got punched by Matsuda once right after being rescued, lmao) in a half-dead state, but the glasses dude never returned. Azuma figures that there are 3 possibilities: he returned to the mainland, he drowned, or he washed up to another island. Since rescue never came, he supposes it must be one of the latter two. Hongou feels guilty while Mitsugi is fucking savage, his comment at this was “well good thing we don’t have to deal with another corpse” kjdagagbdz. ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫◟◟◟◟◟◟◟◟ ❀◟(ó ̯ ò, )

Musclehead seems to be completely out of the loop about this whole incident and is all ??? until he learns about it in the morning. Seaweed head is shameless enough that he has now locked himself up in his room without any apologies (y゚ 益゚;)yBack in their room, Takara finally teaches Azuma that musclehead is called Kido and seaweed head is Uchimura. He also seems to be a little down, whispering “I’m hungry” as he sits holding his knees. 

The next scene is Azuma scouring the forest for edible plants and fruits since Matsuda declared that they need to use the rations as little as possible and should search for new food everyday. Meanwhile Matsuda and Takara are off to fish, Shimada and Mitsugi are searching for water and Hongou is still trying in vain to contact the mainland. When they reunite in the plaza Matsuda is worried because he only managed to catch some small, immature fish and at this rate soon they will cause the nearby fish population to die out. Mitsugi is like “so basically we’re fucked” and Hongou starts to apologize in an almost weeping voice. 

Mitsugi: “I’m not saying that it’s your fault. There are times when the situation is out of your hands.”
Note: I was surprised that Mitsugi pretty much comforts Hongou here. I had the worst impression of him at the start (amplified by the pond incident) and expected him to be the same kind of unreasonable trash as Uchimura but he’s not? I forgot to mention this in part 2 of my review, but I was also surprised by how cooperative he was in implementing the rationing system, I expected him to be more selfish. It seems like his unreasonable behavior is restricted to Azuma alone?

Shimada and Mitsugi at least managed to find a stream with clear drinking water, so that’s one crisis averted (plus they have the boiling water method as a backup). Azuma and Takara spend some time drooling over fish (Takara was actually like “I feel like I can even eat the bucket the fish are in” lmao), when Shimada pops up reminding that they need to eat vitamins too unless they want to end up with diseases like scurvy or beriberi. Azuma freaks out a little when Mitsugi enlightens them about the symptoms of vomiting blood and warped joints, haha. Kido (musclehead!) asks how long that would take, and when Shimada answers that it’d take around a year everyone gets a little gloomy at the idea of staying here for that long. Kido is hopeful that since this is the 8th day, rescue should be coming pretty soon. Mitsugi points out how there is still no sign of something like that even though the travel agency should have been able to point the rescue team to them much earlier. Then we have the moment: 

Mitsugi: “…Should we build a boat for real?”

This decision is one of the things that influence the plot the most. Mitsugi reminds them that they only spent a few hours to reach this island, so even with a handmade boat there is hope that they’ll be able to safely return. Matsuda also thinks that it’s much better to give it a try than to just sit on their hands, and proposes they split into a food collection group and a shipbuilding group. This is the point where the common route ends and we can choose an LI’s route, so I’ll be ending this post here. The story will continue in the next post, the 1st part of Mitsugi’s route!

2 thoughts on “BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route last part (part 3)

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