BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 1

Common route last part here!

Now we have finally started Mitsugi route! This is the first part out of 3 or 4.

Azuma forgets that Mitsugi is also in the shipbuilding group, plus he also has an interest in building things (like plastic model cars and the like) so he simply wants to try building a ship. He volunteersan y to join the shipbuilding group and Matauda, their de-facto-leader, is accepting of his decision. Mitsugi disapproves with a tut, making Azuma belatedly realize what he just signed up for (;´Д`). He wants to backpedal but loses his chance as everyone keeps talking about their own preferences. 

Shimada is in shipbuilding group because he likes delicate work (Mitsugi is pleased and thanks him for helping out, wow niceness?), Takara wants to search for food (sasuga foodie boi (*°∀°)=3), Kido thinks that the food collection group needs more people so he also wants to join, Hongou plans to help out the shipbuilding group when he is not attempting to communicate with the mainland. During this whole time Azuma just keeps staring awkwardly and trying to get a word in and fails. In the end Matsuda answers him only when it is too late and everyone has chosen their groups, but Azuma still tries and asks Matsuda whether it is OK for him to be in the shipbuilding group. He wanted Matsuda to take a hint and put him in the food collection group by switching him out with someone else, but Matsuda just turns to Mitsugi and enquires if he has any problems with Azuma joining them. 

Surprisingly enough, Mitsugi doesn’t say no and just replies “not really”. He says that Azuma appears to have the second highest amount of strength after Masuda and he plans to make him work hard as the shipbuilding activities will involve a lot of physical work. Azuma is surprised because he expected Mitsugi to say something like “I don’t need your help, if we let you touch the ship’s parts then the whole thing would collapse from the get-go. DIE ( ̄^ ̄)凸” so Mitsugi agreeing to it immediately surprises him. Azuma’s imagination of Mitsugi’s mental voice was amusing because he got the tone down perfectly even if he was wrong about the content, haha ヽ(´∀`)ノ 

With this, the grouping is finished. Matsuda, Uchimura who is still absent will be put to the the food collection group when he wakes up. Mitsugi calls the shipbuilding group for a meeting, and I lol’ed when he referred to the others as “Shimada-san” and “Hongou-san” but addressed Azuma as just “you there” pfft. Azuma is like “what the fuck do you mean by you there 凸(≡д≡)” in his head but he doesn’t bother to say anything. He is like “I can’t be fucked to get mad at every single thing (´≖ ‸ ≖`)”, he doesn’t feel like stupid arguments since it’s tiring and makes him even hungrier  _(:3 」∠)_

Shimada, that asshole, is like “shipbuilding is going to be fun (≧ڡ≦*)”, having fun on Mitsugi and Azuma’s account. Hongou doesn’t get why Shimada is so amused, I could practically see a question mark above his head lol. Azuma starts to pout and go all “I’m honored that you find this amusing ಠ_ಠ” Hongou is confused again, and Azuma begs him to never change and stay pure pfft. Mitsugi takes them to the area in front of the storage room on the plaza and explains that he wants to make the materials for the boat using the tools here, anything they do not have can be brought from the ruins. 

“Not only me, but Shimada-san, Hongou-san and Azuma all have proper jobs to get back to when we return. We don’t have time to laze around here.” 

This is the first time he actually says Azuma’s name, interesting (๑✧◡✧๑). Shimada and Hongou agree but Azuma is like “yeah I want to return but I don’t give a fuck about my work” in his head. Mitsugi believes that as long as the boat is finished it does not matter what process they use, so he expects things to get a little unconventional/rough and plans to just roll with everything on an ad hoc basis. 

Since there is no time for attention to detail and the intricate plans for the boat are inside his head, he plans to not bother with too much explanation in order to save time. He’s like “you all wouldn’t understand anyway even if I did, we’re not having a class here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ” Sounds rude but I guess fighting for survival indeed is far from a learning environment. He will mostly relay instructions to everyone, and everyone just needs to act as directed. He assures them that he does not plan to make them do overly difficult things. They don’t have to think too much or do things by themselves, it will be fine as long as they carry out his orders properly. 

Mitsugi’s bulldozer like speech has everyone somewhat speechless, Azuma is like “if you were a manager then new employees would quit the next day ヽ(・_・;)ノ”, but he agrees that Mitsugi’s explanation was easy to understand. The basic summary was “let’s finish things quickly!”, which he can get on board with. 

Azuma asks Mitsugi how they are supposed to know that what they are doing is correct, and Mitsugi promises that anytime they have doubts they can always call upon Mitsugi to clarify things for them. Azuma acts a little obnoxious and latches onto the word “always”, telling Mitsugi that he better be prepared to be bothered when he is in the toilet or the bath. However shrugging god Mitsugi is just like “sure thing”, so Azuma can do nothing but shut up. He was planning to just tease him a bit but Mitsugi is not affected at all. 

Azuma thinks that despite how he found Mitsugi to be just a terrible person when they first met, he can feel how Mitsugi is completely focused on their quest for survival and has a slightly better impression of him. He agrees that the process Mitsugi is planning indeed sounds a little rough but it is logical considering their circumstances. 

But his “I have the plans inside my head so just shut up and obey me” type of message makes Azuma feel as if they are being called useless. Shimada notices his dissatisfaction but Azuma admits that what Mitsugi has said was not really wrong considering that he is a KINPATSU HAGE (=”balding blonde” LMFAO థ౪థ ). The KINPATSU HAGE almost has Shimada in stitches again, and a pissed Mitsugi replies “I’m not balding” pfftt (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

Hongou quickly changes the topic before Azuma and Mitsugi get into a fight and asks what their job is for today. Mitsugi sends Hongou to his communication work and takes the rest to the ruins to to find some tools. He’s like “time for you, the human oxcart, to show his ability ≖‿≖”, and in his head Azuma is like “fuck you baldie why do you only make a disgusting expression when talking to me ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)”

In the next scene we see Azuma carrying a huge as box and dropping it to the ground with a massive thud. Shimada is very impressed and is like “ah, youth へ( ̿̿ o ̿̿ )╮”. Dude you’re only two years older! Apparently Azuma was carrying double the amount compared to Mitsugi and 1.5 times compared to Shimada. He was originally planning to refuse any unreasonable requests, but Mitsugi stirred him up with a challenge and he ended up getting trapped.

Mitsugi plans to return to work immediately afterwards but Azuma wants a little break. When he moans that he can’t keep going on an empty stomach like this and deserves some rest, Mitsugi quickly leaves and upon return, GRABS AZUMA’S HAIR AND SHOVES A BREAD ROLL IN HIS MOUTH 。゚(TヮT)゚。 He even calls it “bait”, totally treating Azuma like a pet lmao.

Azuma notices that the roll is from an earlier ration, does Mitsugi not even finish the food he’s given? And even giving that precious amount of food to Azuma, dude really is desperate to finish the boat asap. He orders azama to eat it within 3 minutes and return to work. Azuma tries to to negotiate for a longer break, but Mitsugi just keeps counting down like “2 minutes 45 seconds……2 minutes 17 seconds” lmao.

Thankfully the work after that was basically sorting out the tools. Later, during the ration distribution, Matsuda comments that they seem to have had a lot of fun, and Azuma supposes that it’s not strange for Matsuda to get that impression. Shimada was laughing like a loon and Azuma himself was nomming on a bread roll (though Mitsugi was being his usual grumpy 눈_눈 self while Hongou stayed blissfully clueless), so while viewed from afar they might have looked like they were working in harmony. Azuma feels a little bad derping around even though the situation is so serious and they might die if they don’t manage to finish the boat before their food runs out, but Matsuda was simply making a comment and wasn’t mad or anything.

Mitsugi draws the attention of everyone before they leave after rationing ends, and he proposes that they dismantle 5 of the cottages (A to F minus C) to provide logs for building the boat. Takara notices that this would mean that two people would share each of the remaining Cottages (G to J), and Mitsugi confirms that it indeed would be so. He asks Hongou for permission, who also agrees that it’s a suitable step to take during an emergency. No one raises their hand when Mitsugi checks if anyone disagrees with the proposal.

Azuma notes it’s rather hard for two grown men to share one cottage (he thinks that his opinion counts because he is sharing a cottage with the smallest person around and yet feels so), but nobody objected because everyone is focused on survival that much. Mitsugi is glad by their answer and thanks them with an annoyingly good looking smile. (I was so thirsty during this scene, gawd (¯﹃¯). Look at my raging on discord.)

Mitsugi: Thank you.
Azuma: …………
His blonde hair sways softly.
That figure burns into my eyes.
I get a strange throbbing feeling in my heart.
Somehow, I feel restless and flustered.
Azuma: ?
What was that just now? I don’t get it.

I love how Azuma is also not unaffected by the view, look at him going “what are these heart palpitations” as he stares at Mitsugi, lol.

Hongou leaves the roommate choices to the group members themselves, resulting in Kido+Uchimura and Matsuda+Shimada pairs (I’m curious about the conversation the latter two had about “that photograph”). Hongou also offers his own room, and Takara takes him up on it. Hongou’s face looks unnecessarily creepy at this point, blrgh.

Azuma belatedly realises that only room left is Mitsugi’s and panics. Takara actually tries to invite him to Hongou’s room saying that they can stay together even if it would be a little crowded (Azuma’s like “omg an angel ヽ(*´□`*)ッ ), but Mitsugi cuts in with a

“Piece of junk, you come to my room.”

Azuma is outright shocked by Mitsugi actively asking for him, but apparently Mitsugi plans to work him hard for his personal use as well. Azuma points out that he’s supposed to obey Mitsugi’s order only when doing shipbuilding work, but Mitsugi claims that there’s no way he let him join their group only for doing manual labour. He talks like it’s a huge privilege, and Azuma is like “why the heck do I have to put up with this bs (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻” 

Note: Ngl I got pretty pissed at Mitsugi when he was like “hmph why do you think I let you into the shipbuilding group” well excuse u biatch Azuma is the most useful in your group of a twig (Shimada), a fool overly invested in pointless endeavors (Hongou) and an always absent truant (Uchimura). Don’t go acting like you own him just because you’re in charge of building the boat, fffs (╬ ‾᷅皿‾᷄ ╬)

We get a bunch of choices and actually the bad ending lines are strangely fun, so will get back to this point later. In the good ending choice, Azuma doesn’t feel like fighting and figures that the room is only a place for him to sleep in. He brainwashes himself to think of Mitsugi letting him sleep in his room as a favor since it’s better than the outside at least. Nevertheless, Azuma tries to act a little tough by saying that he’s ok with going to Mitsugi’s room as long as Mitsugi respects his privacy, but Takara sabotages him by pointing out he never had any (Azuma’s like “don’t say unnecessary stuff fffs”). Mitsugi also agrees that Azuma of all people doesn’t need any privacy, and ruthlessly cuts down Azuma’s weak protests. 

After the funny scene is over, Takara suddenly tells Mitsugi to not bully Azuma too much. Azuma is surprised to notice Takara and Mitsugi having an unexpectedly serious moment of staring at each other. He is also curious how Mitsugi doesn’t say anything, not even any words of sarcasm.

He finally answers Takara saying that he will hold back enough to ensure that Azuma will actually be of use. Takara is like “ok then”, and Azuma is all “IT’S NOT ” pffft. (I love the humor in this game so much ♡3♡) At the end Azuma’s final take on the situation is that he’ll live with Mitsugi but he doesn’t have any obligation to obey him outside of shipbuilding tasks. Although he ended up being lowkey verbally abused earlier, from now on all he needs is to not answer Mitsugi’s provocative remarks.

Mitsugi asks everyone to move out as soon as possible today because he wants to get started with the dismantling the first thing tomorrow. He asks them to make all the rooms as empty as possible, and leave behind the furniture if possible since those would also come in handy for constructing the finer details of the boat.

Azuma is aghast at the prospect of having to start his shared life with Mitsugi immediately ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)ノ. To make things worse, he has very little furniture because more than half of his things burnt in the fire, and he doesn’t need to bring any furniture from his room anyway as he doesn’t really need a bed to sleep. He goes to Mitsugi’s room and knocks, but there is no answer. Finding the door open, he lets himself in but Mitsugi does not seem to be inside the room.

The thing I was immediately shocked by is how absolutely filthy the room was. The only saving grace was the lack of things that could result in bad smell and bacteria like half eaten/spilled food, but that cluttering skill is truly god-level (((( ;°Д°))))

Azuma first notices a hanger and parts of Mitsugi’s suit lying on the ground below, and he assumes that they fell off the hanger (Azuma is too hopeful, I’m sure that slob just tossed them to the floor). Azuma is a truly good boi, he feels guilty over accidentally stepping on the clothes and decides to hang them up on the hanger out of the goodness of his heart like “can’t them them getting wrinkles!(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑  The suit isn’t to blame” When he’s gathering the clothes he finally notices how the floor is buried with trash everywhere except the part near the room entrance.  (I’m surprised he didn’t notice until now lmfao)

Cup noodles container, book, magazine, chopsticks, plastic bag, plastic container, clothes, pen, bread packaging, rubber band, cotton bud, toothpick, tissue, paper paper paper garbage garbage garbage.

Azuma is like “da fuck I thought Takara and I were bad but this is WORSE, even worse than my apartment”. He’s caught by surprise since he expected Mitsugi to be neater considering his clean looking appearance and good personal hygiene. 

Suddenly Azuma hears a noise that sounds like a bucket turned over, and calls out Mitsugi’s name, trying to check if Mitsugi is in the bath.  Mitsugi’s “AH!?” when he answers is so thuglike I die 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I laughed so hard when Azuma was like “WHAT’S UP WITH THOSE LOUD WATER SOUNDS, is he doing a purification ritual”. His shock is so strong that I seriously want to see Mitsugi take a shower (EDIT: A DOODLE BY THE OFFICIAL ARTIST)  and I say this with zero thirst, at least rn (¬‿¬).

Mitsugi comes out of the shower with a towel on his neck, I like how he has a separate “wet” sprite. Azuma’s like “Ah the obeya yarou (=”Asshole with a dirty room”) is here” pfft. Mitsugi lightly chides Azuma for entering the room on his own, and inside his head Azuma is like “so we’re completely ignoring what a pigsty this place is? No “sorry for the mess hehe”? okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

“This room is fucking filthy! Also, wipe your hair.”

Mitsugi replies with a “Shut up, I can’t be bothered with every little detail” pffft. I legit laughed out loud when he took a water bottle from the table, finished the little amount of water in a gulp and threw it on the floor lmfao (the towel on his head meets the same fate as soon as he finishes wiping his head a couple of times). You can see just how this room got into the state it is in. =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾  

Then he gets up on the bed, pushes off the books and clothes off the bed with his foot while standing on the bed, then sits down and orders Azuma to sleep on the floor after cleaning it. Kdlfuagbr an absolute madman this blonde dumbass (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

Mitsugi: You sleep here.
Azuma: Isn’t there something you should say before that?
Mitsugi: ……Ah, right.
Mitsugi: Clean up the floor.
Azuma: I’m supposed to do it!? щ(ºДºщ)

Mitsugi is like “that’s what you’re here for you manual laborer ”, making Azuma and I pissed since Azuma didn’t sign up to do his chores. Azuma tries to reason with him and is like “okay I get that you’re expecting great things from my muscles but I’m only here for-” but gets interrupted by Mitsugi who’s like “feel free to sleep around here (points)” and goes to sleep as soon as he finishes saying that (after turning off the light by extending his leg and pressing the lamp switch with his toe, how flexible lmfao). He’s totally dead to the world immediately, not even bothering to get a blanket or adjust the pillow under his head. Azuma’s like “he looks like a washed up rag” pfft.

Azuma panics because Mitsugi didn’t give him any bedding, and asks if it’s okay to go through his things. The absolute lack of response from Mitsugi makes Azuma go all “SHITTY LONG HAIRED BASTARD IS IGNORING ME GHFJDGFKJ ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ ”, I love his angry screeches lol. Can’t blame him, I was also like “YOOOO asshole what r u doin turning off the lights without even offering him a futon?? 💢” In the end Azuma didn’t take the initiative to look around since it was dark (he should’ve turned on the light and looked, this was a weird place to show restraint), and chose to sleep on the hard floor _(:3 」∠)_

When Azuma woke up the next morning, Mitsugi was not in the room and later Azuma found him in the storage room already doing some preparation for their shipbuilding work. Workaholic (;´・Д・) ;;; The rest of their shipbuilding group are surprised to the dark circles under Azuma’s eyes, and Azuma complains a lot about Mitsugi making him sleep on the floor. Hongou points out that all the rooms should have had spare futons, and Mitsugi claims that he gave Azuma free reign to do whatever he wanted, it was Azuma who didn’t use the futon. Azuma tries to disagree but remembers Mitsugi’s “feel free to sleep around here” and realizes that there has been some miscommunication here (seriously, Mitsugi, your explanation skills could use some work (¬、¬) ). Shimada absolutely loses his shit here laughing at their idiocy and is like “DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING, I NEED OXYGEN JFKGAFSLJDK (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ ”

Azuma correctly brings up the point that Mitsugi shouldn’t have turned the lights off so fast if he planned to let Azuma dig out the futon, Mitsugi doing that was what made him wrongly convinced that there wasn’t one. But the conversation topic ends up changing and his complaint isn’t answered  _(:3 」∠)_ ;;; That was so frustrating, gah. I calmed down in later playthroughs but the first time I was I’m like “fuck u, what’s with the ‘u r too dumb for not using the other futon’ attititude,  U R THE ONE WHO SABOTAGED HIM, BISH (╬ ꒪Д꒪)ノ”. 

Edit: Highlight below paragraph to read my slightly-spoilery thoughts on this scene after finishing the route.

I was mad at Mitsugi for immediately going to sleep without giving Azuma any bedding and not replying when Azuma asked the location of the futon. But now that I know about his extreme workaholic tendencies and his low stamina, I can connect the dots and feel like he was legit too tired to talk much after a day of unexpectedly hard work (even though he carried half of what Azuma did, he did do some physical work on top of the supervisory stuff). And when Azuma was like “is it OK to search” “is it OK to turn the lamp on” he was really asleep and not ignoring Azuma. (EDIT: Fandisc clarifies that he was awake, but didn’t reply for REASONS) There was a real big misunderstanding here that makes me facewall. Maybe his thought process is like:

I have all the architect knowledge ->must use all of my energy to build the boat, no time to do pointless stuff like cleaning ->Azuma is  free except for the time we spend on the boat plus has more energy than me –> using him to clean my room will save my eneegy –> I can work more –> faster boat completion –> everyone is saved -> PROFIT

To him it makes perfect sense! (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

Shimada advises Mitsugi to not work Azuma too hard lest he get sick, his “it’d be a shame if that happened after he actually signed up to be worked hard” makes Azuma doubt if he’s taking Azuma’s side or throwing him to the wolves (wolf?), lol. I don’t know if Shimada was so flippant that even Mitsugi judged him, but he gives Shimada an indecipherable look and states that he plans to do everything within bounds so no need to worry. 

Azuma is annoyed at being treated like a human oxcart, but before he can complain Mitsugi completely enters work mode and with a serious expression starts explaining how he has sorted out all the tools they will use for disassembling the cottages today. Mitsugi is slightly surprised when Azuma is willing to let the matter drop and accept his instructions, but he also sneaks in another insult (“dobu gaki” = gutter brat? this doesn’t translate well) in his praise lmfao. Tbh by this point his “kuso gaki”s don’t have much effect on me so I initially let this one go with a shrug, but I did get irritated when his ore-sama ass went “damare <(`^´)> ” (= a very domineering way of telling someone to shut up) after Azuma complained about the insult.

It turns out that out of the items they found in the ruins, the only item directly usable for dismantling purposes is an axe, the rest are small tools that would mostly be useful for the foraging team. Mitsugi hands the axe to Azuma and tells him to figure something out. Azuma is initially dubious about using an axe for this purpose, but considering that neither of them has ever seen a house being dismantled without using any machines, they have no choice but to make do. For some reason Mitsugi’s hair whipping in the wind as he turns and leaves after this scene makes me lmao +.ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ.+゚

The wooden logs are pretty hard, Azuma spends an hour wrestling with the axe but manages to dislodge only about 3 planks. But he isn’t too worried because Mitsugi’s instructions were like this: “No matter how much time it takes, don’t get impatient. While we do have the pressure of having to finish this quickly, it’s dangerous to rush too much, so you should do it cautiously. Work steadily and carefully.” Also when he was worried about the logs sometimes breaking into pieces and reported to Mitsugi, he was told that it’s fine as long the log maintains its general shape.

“……He was unexpectedly kind about it.”

Meanwhile Shimada and Hongou have been working inside the house dismantling furniture, and Mitsugi has been working on the roof, using a steel spatula as a substitute for a nail puller. Interesting tidbits of info: Mitsugi’s stamina might be shit but his agility is good, Azuma mentions that he went up to the cottage roof by climbing the flimsy setup made by arranging 2 chairs on top of a table. Around this time Mitsugi notices that Azuma isn’t working, and Azuma asks him for a break since he’s tired (plus his hands are pretty roughed up from handling the axe). Mitsugi calls him weak but agrees to a break anyway, and tells Shimada and Hongou to rest for a little while as well. This makes Azuma think “Even though he has no cooperative spirit, he does do the right thing. That also pisses me off.”

Note: It’s interesting how Mitsugi treats everyone else with more respect. Shimada is younger than him by one year and still gets called “Shimada-san”, whereas Azuma? DOBU GAKI. Hongou is also “Hongou-san”, Matsuda is just Matsuda but that’s something Matsuda requested himself.

Mitsugi comes down from the roof smoothly and joins Azuma for a rest. Remembering that he’s doing all this in a suit makes me lol. Azuma tries to initiate conversation by asking him about the note they found in the ruins which Mitsugi has been deciphering, and Mitsugi answers that he has made some progress. When Azuma asks the reason for his interest, Mitsugi says that the ruins were intriguing and reminds him of how all the houses in the ruins had their doors and windows destroyed with signs of forced intrusion. Azuma wonders if some large scale event happened here, and Mitsugi shares that he is reading the book because he also suspected the same. However so far everything he has deciphered looks only like excerpts from a diary.

The conversation topic changes to Azuma wanting to have something to eat, but Mitsugi says that they don’t have the time for it as they need to work as much as possible while it’s still daytime. Azuma’s like “fuck I’m defeated by logic again  _(:3 」∠)_”. Some time after returning to work, Mitsugi gives Azuma the task of going to the forest and getting a piece from any random tree with a steady frame. Azuma is excited when he hears that it’d be for a prototype for the boat (plus he hopes that the axe would be easier to use for it’s original purpose aka woodcutting) and immediately agrees, making Mitsugi notice his excitement.

Mitsugi: You seem awfully excited by the idea.
Azuma: N-
No way, how could he tell……!?
I’m not really the type to wear my emotions on my face!

Now I’m starting to suspect how well Azuma knows himself lol. He’s a super expressive boi! (except for occasional bouts of depression) Mitsugi doesn’t care much about Azuma’s motivations, but he warns Azuma that he’s going to be in for a lot of pain if he dares to slack off. Azuma is like “yeah yeah” and goes to the forest area near their cottages. He finds a tree with just the right attributes, but feels a little bad about cutting it down.

Azuma: It feels like a shame to cut it down.
Doing that after it has grown so big and strong.
Trees take a long time to get big, right? I feel a little bad for it.

Azuma’s empathy for all living beings is so cute ( ˘ ³˘)♥  He tries to go ahead anyway, but the place near the tree was very nice and cool with a soft grass carpet, and he can’t resist the temptation to sit down on it for a bit. 

Azuma: It can’t be helped…that shitty blonde sergeant just works people too hard…

In the end he ends up falling asleep because of how sleep deprived he is, and when he wakes up he finds himself on the ground and Mitsugi squatting in front of him with an expressionless face.

This is so hilarious, WHY SQUAT AGAIN!? JSKDHFksdfj

It’s funnier in Japanese since this type of sqatting is called “Yankee sitting”. A yankee architect, lol. Azuma finds Mitsugi’s lack of visible anger scary and weakly answers Mitsugi’s “ohayou”, and realizes the reason he has been unable to move his limbs since he woke up.


Azuma: Um…what is this?
Mitsugi: I just executed what I promised.
Oh yeah, he did say that.
……That I’d be in for a world of pain if I slacked off.
Azuma: ……Managing to tie up a sleeping person this elaborately without waking him up is honestly impressive.
Mitsugi: Just be grateful that it isn’t tortoise shell bondage. (NSFW reference, warning: nudity)
T-tortoise shell bondage!? What the heck!? Is he a bondage queen?
Azum: Why did “show you a world of pain” equal to tying me up……
Mitsugi: I figured that I would put you in a complex position and then torture you. Like hoisting you up a tree while hog-tied. (NSFW reference, warning: nudity)

Azuma is like (@ ̄Д ̄@;)but decides to quickly apologize and get the issue solved, but…

Azuma: Sorry~ (´・ω・`)Anyway, untie me.
Mitsugi: I refuse.
Azuma: UNTIE ME. (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )
Mitsugi: I refuse.
Azuma: ……In the first place, I’m sleep deprived because you made me sleep on the floor!💢
Mitsugi: Something like that is a problem created by your own failure to act in your self-interest. Regardless of the reasons, the person sleeping during working hours is at fault.

Azuma tries to twist free on his own but fails, and while he’s trying to play nice in his attempts to convince Mitsugi to let him go, Mitsugi casually brings out his smart phone and takes a pic of Azuma’s lower half. Azuma is like “what did you take a pic of?” and Mitsugi brazenly replies “morning wood”.


(Also, how does Mitsugi’s phone still have charge? They ran out of electricity days ago…Portable power banks?) 

Azuma’s pained groans when he realizes that he’s popping a boner is so hilarious lmfao He’s super embarrassed like /~\o=(;゚ロ゚)=o/~\ and quickly folds up his legs near his chest, and angrily asks Mitsugi why he’d take a picture like that. Mitsugi’s answer?

Mitsugi: “Because it was amusing. To sport a hard-on on top of dozing off with a stupid expression looked so ridiculous…that I felt like keeping a memory that such an idiot existed.”

What an S, gawd. (Also those uneven sized eyes are scary) However, we are going to end things here for this post since the next scene is rather long~ Stay tuned for spicy stuff happening in the next part! ໒(ó ◡ ó)ʋ

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  1. Waaaa I’m so excited to read this. I hope you continue with the playthrough, since I cannot get my hands on this game 😭
    All in all, how do you think about this game compared to Noli Me Tangere?

    • To be honest, I like it better compared to NMT. That’s not to say that NMT was “worse” than this or anything, they are simply 2 different types of games with a few common elements like mystery, thriller and gore. Paradise simply suits my personal taste better- lots of comedy very nicely layered with the danger looming over them, fast but believable romantic development, very candid narration and dialogue style, extreme lack of cancerous BL tropes in the overall plot, lovable but emotionally messed up proactive protagonist and LIs with multifaceted realistic personalities and struggles. ❤
      I felt that NMT did a great job on Michael and found him to be an excellent protagonist, but the overall mystery and the characterization of the LIs did not leave a huge impact on me like Paradise. NMT is still one of my favorite BLs but paradise is just too good in my eyes _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

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