BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 2b (SFW)

Part 2a (NSFW) here!

Azuma keeps tiredly rolling on the ground even as Mitsugi finally unties him (I laughed so hard at the narration of grass getting stuck on Azuma’s wet dick (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵) ). Mitsugi is like “roll if you wanna but first put away that filthy dicc” and that makes Azuma return to the world of living and reignites his rage. Mitsugi is lucky that Azuma is not the violent type, I would’ve punched him waaay before this if it were me in Azuma’s place, and after this incident I’d break his leg (Azuma is physically much more fit than Mitsugi so he could do it if he put his mind on it). My mature boi Azuma actually holds back his urge to punch Mitsugi while telling himself that “injuring him would slow down the boat’s progress”. See Mitsugi?! He’s a good boy who’s serious about ensuring people’s survival, not a slacker like you believe 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Azuma finally confronts Mitsugi and says that while he admits his fault in sleeping during work (I almost jumped into the screen to smack Mitsugi when he reacted to this part with “wow, so you get it”, THE NERVE OF THIS BITCH (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻), that isn’t a reason for Mitsugi to embarrass him like this. He also asks Mitsugi if he did this because he’s gay, this feels like an insult to gay ppl lmao. Being gay wouldn’t be reason enough to sexually harass somebody ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mitsugi still keeps acting all chill which makes Azuma madder, and just replies “It was funny how you had morning wood at noon”. Wtf yo, why are you so fixated on his boner… Azuma hisses that Mitsugi doesn’t look amused at all, and at this point Mitsugi suddenly drops the chill act and glares at him to say.

Mitsugi: The one who fell asleep is to blame for everything. Getting mad at me has no meaning. You don’t have the right to complain no matter what is done to you.
Mitsugi: Also I’m not gay, and if I had to pick the emotion I feel towards you, I’d go for hate.

His voice was weirdly low at the first line, it feels like he’s trying to self-hypnotize?? Also lmao at not being gay, even if you didn’t identify as gay before, the last 20 minutes have been GAYER THAN A RAINBOWWWW 🌈🌈🌈

Azuma isn’t very surprised by his declaration of hatred, but he feels kind of cheated because of how he had been noticing Mitsugi’s positive qualities during their shipbuilding work and beginning to get a better opinion of him. I’m now imagining Azuma yelling GIVE ME BACK MY DOKIS (o・`Д´・o) at the sky lmao.

Mitsugi: You slack off and take naps, are filthy and vulgar, pop morning wood and make me do something like this, so I find you to be a completely irritating brat.

You sound like Azuma forced you to do it, fam… Denial levels so high, here.乁₍ッ₎ㄏ

TBH during my first playthrough I was pretty confused why he is the one getting mad after pulling that hit on Azuma. At this point I was labelling him a closeted gay sadist because only Azuma seemed to trigger his shittiness, and Azuma was also THIS close to punching his rude face when he suddenly noticed that Mitsugi looked strangely….sad?

Azuma: Why do you have such eyes?

Azuma shows some amazing levels of observation and deduction skills here as he suspects that the reason behind Mitsugi’s sadness might have something to do with his hatred towards Azuma. He asks Mitsugi why Mitsugi hates him so much, stating that he can’t do anything to solve the problem if he doesn’t know what it even is. I love how proactive Azuma is, whenever he encounters a problem in his interpersonal relationships he just spells out the problem and openly faces the other party instead of gloomily brooding over misunderstandings like most protags. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

….Ok he’s now giving a reason and it makes no sense??? 

HUH? ∑(。・Д・。)???


Apparently Mitsugi had a mentor whom he respected a lot but died from an accident (Azuma’s parents also died from an accident, coincidence? At this point I suspected him of being biologically related to Azuma somehow, we shall see in a later post if I’m right or not), and Azuma looks like him. Azuma is confused at first, wondering if Mitsugi hated that mentor of his and thus hates Azuma by extension. Mitsugi strongly refutes Azuma, describing the good qualities of that person in a super emotional voice that we’ve never heard him use before, and clarifies that Azuma closely resembles him in looks and vibe but is very different in personality, so it apparently pisses him off to look at Azuma? Wut? Don’t hate him for your own hangups! (╬•᷅д•᷄╬)

Note: The mood whiplash was so strong too, gawd. One moment we are having lewds, then Mitsugi is being mocking, then he’s getting mad, then mourning some foster parent? WUT? Why would you even choose this specific moment to suddenly remember that Azuma looks like that person and get sad? NOTHING LIKE SOME FRIENDLY DICKSTEPPING AND TOO-SHORT HANDJOBS TO REMIND US OF DEAD PARENTAL FIGURES  =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾  Or did you get sad for some other reason(why though?), and Azuma noticing that and bringing up the reason for your hatred made you confess about the resemblance that you weren’t really thinking about until now? ∑(O_O;)

I’m flabbergasted to hear Mitsugi, of all people, being this talkative in praising someone.
I thought he was the type to always be cool and full of himself, so I’m surprised that he had someone he trusted this much.
I want to see the face of that pe-……Ah, Mitsugi said that he looked like me.
It bothers me to have him so mad at me over something like this. It’s somehow unexpected and irritating, a strange feeling.
Also I understood that Mitsugi isn’t mixing up that person with me. Rather, it’s the opposite.
Azuma: I resembles him in looks and vibe but am too different in personality so it pisses you off? Did I get that right?
Mitsugi doesn’t affirm or deny my hypothesis.

Azuma tries to joke that he’d apologize to that person for looking like him, and Mitsugi explains in a sad voice that the person in question died from an accident quite a while ago. Azuma feels a little bad for Mitsugi, but still doesn’t lose his sight from the fact that this issue doesn’t concern Azuma and he doesn’t deserve Mitsugi’s BS (Azuma bb ILU for holding your ground ❤).

Small, inconsequential spoiler: Badgering Mitsugi for details results in Mitsugi saying some confusing shit about both loving and hating his father figure which baffled me the first time, but after finishing everything I’m pretty sure Mitsugi is simply being difficult when he talks about hate here, like little children telling their parents that they hate them for not being around. He’s #1 stan for that person, absolutely no actual hatred here, so better not read too much into that.

Mitsugi laughed, breathing out his nose as he did so.
A self-deprecating, yet mocking way of laughter. Can’t say I liked it.
Azuma: …………
I still can’t understand what Mitsugi is saying.
All I can understand that he has a lot of complicated feelings on this issue.
Azuma: I don’t get what you mean. Explain in more detail.
Mitsugi: That’s all of it.
Azuma: Listen, you….

….And next we have…Mitsugi admitting that he was hating Azuma for his own hangups and saying sorry??? I’M SO CONFUSED LMAO 🙃

Mitsugi: But you’re right in saying that this matter doesn’t involve you.
Mitsugi: I couldn’t keep clear boundaries between my personal issues and other matters. It was wrong of me, I apologize.
Azuma: ……!!
He apologized. Mitsugi apologized, to ME.
Even this guy can reflect on his mistakes?! Since earlier there have been so many shocking things that my eyes are stuck being wide open.

Mitsugi: He was……like a father to me. I had been in his care the whole time until I came of age.
Mitsugi: He was my guide in life, and even though we had no blood relation he provided everything I needed for my livelihood.
Mitsugi: I can never repay this debt. ……I guess my attachment to him is so strong that I’m confused myself about what I feel.
Azuma: Like a father……I’m not that old. (WELL DUH, DO YOU THINK HE’D GIVE A HJ TO YOU IF HE SAW YOU LIKE THAT?)
Mitsugi: I said you look similar, but only to the point of having some common facial features. You’re not a dead ringer for him or anything.
Azuma: What about your parents, by the way?
Mitsugi: Killed themselves when I was a kid. Both of them. That person was an old acquaintance of my father, and he took me in.

I see. So he also has no parents. Both of them committing suicide, that must have been painful.

Azuma shares that his parents are dead too, but instead of having a pity party he quickly returns to the topic of their turbulent relationship. We get 4 options about what Azuma may decide, and I’m going for the good ending option once again, where Azuma proposes that they put this matter behind them and get along normally from now on. Mitsugi’s reaction to it is hilarious (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖   

Their stupid little fight is cute, it’s gonna be the only fight they are going to have in a while so better enjoy it while I can lol. After that silly episode Azuma clearly tells Mitsugi:

“I am me, and your mentor is your mentor. Please just keep that in mind.”

Mitsugi stays silent with only a deep breath. Azuma notices that the dried semen inside his underwear feels uncomfortable and abuses Mitsugi inside his head. In order to hide the shyness he feels from remembering what just happened, he returns to shipbuilding with vigor, while Mitsugi just sighs more from behind.

After this incident Mitsugi stops being a raging dick and doesn’t get into a fight with Azuma even once the rest of the day, and the other people around them get nervous from watching him act in a decent way, Hongou going “did he eat something bad” lmfao. Shimada the troll is disappointed that he won’t be able to have fun on their account, making Azuma go 😒. His heart is healed somewhat because of Hongou who shares Azuma’s appreciation for the newfound peace between him and Mitsugi. 

Azuma: Hongou-san is my only ally!

Another line that made me laugh was Azuma’s “I’ve obtained true freedom”, so dramatic lol. While they are being derps Uchimura briefly passes them by, and seems to be in an unusually good mood when he greets them. The cast also notice that, but they just shrug and are like “good to see that he found some chill”.

Yokatta ne, Uchimura, finally getting a sprite. Also I’ll never see you the same way again after finding out you share a VA with that shota from Kichiku Megane.

Throughout this whole scene with others Mitsugi just keeps sighing, lol. Azuma also mentions that he kept interactions with Azuma minimum and completely businesslike, so I suppose he’s trying to avoid Azuma as much as possible.

Note: It’s interesting how Mitsugi decided to go from “DICKSTEPPING” to “OPEN THIRST” (Azuma still couldn’t detect it, but I could) to “UNJUSTIFIED ANGER” to “OK GONNA SHARE ALL MY TENDER FEELINGS AND MY SAD PAST™”. It seemed like he had tried so hard to keep things bottled up that everything just exploded when he lost control. Considering how he always tries to be logical and cool™ I suppose the loss of control and oversharing made him panic and keep Azuma, the reason for his derp, at a distance.

When they return to the loghouse, Mitsugi announces that they have to increase work efficiency from the next day because it’d take too long to build the boat at the current pace. He also asks Azuma to go to sleep early, and stays up himself, busy deciphering the book found in the ruins. While trying to sleep Azuma thinks about his supposed similarity with Mitsugi’s mentor, and wonders if they really look alike for Mitsugi to be this mad at Azuma. 

It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t overreact this badly if there was only a passing resemblance.  

He tries to bring up the topic, but Mitsugi directly states that he will not answer any questions about his mentor and a disappointed Azuma is left to only speculate. (At this point there was a mention of him accidentally touching some discarded tissues on the floor while rolling about and I was like “is this fool not using the futon again 😒”. I hope I’m wrong….)

I mean, think about it. It didn’t cross my mind back then because I was so out of it, but…
Why would someone want to jerk off the dick of someone who looks like his mentor?  Wouldn’t that mean he wanted to that sort of stuff to that mentor? (Note: On my first playthrough I also thought the same thing tbh lmfao.)
Isn’t Mitsugi gay after all?
If not, then he’s gotta be one of those people who can love both men and women……bisexual, I think they’re called?
Yes yes, bisexual. Maybe he’s one?

LOL I love how this game isn’t afraid to use direct RL terms. Azuma tries to ask Mitsugi about this but once again Mitsugi is just like “you still not asleep?”, and Azuma can only give up and sadly think-

Mitsugi seemed to be completely unwilling to talk.
Whatever, it’s fine.
It really doesn’t matter what Mitsugi thinks of that mentor of his. It shouldn’t.
Sleepiness slowly oozes out of the depths of my body and envelopes all of my senses.
It’s fine if we don’t talk. Or if he doesn’t pay me any more attention than is absolutely necessary―――

But stop treating me like I don’t exist.
Such a selfish request was most likely me not being in my right mind while on the verge of falling asleep.

MY HEART BREAKS FOR AZUMA BABY HERE!!! 😭😭😭 He doesn’t realize it but he’s already grown pretty attached to Mitsugi, and Mitsugi’s current distant behavior is hurting him more than his harsh words ever did!  (;゚;Д;゚;;) Here’s to hoping Mitsugi gets his shit together soon, hopefully by the next part of this review!

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