BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 3

The previous post, part 2b is here!

The next day Azuma wakes up yawning. I got really worried at his “It seemed like I had slept with my face stuck on the floor, so there was a puddle of drool on it”, did this fool not use a futon after all!? ლ (#`ロ^;)> Let’s hope that he just rolled around enough that his face ended up touching the floor….

Azuma comments that he feels like he saw a number of dreams, of which one was super EROI (sadly he doesn’t remember any of it). He finds Mitsugi already awake and reading the notebook while sitting at the table. Mitsugi informs Azuma that he talks very loudly in his sleep, so loud in fact that Mitsugi couldn’t get any sleep (KARMA, BITCHHHHH 凸(¬‿¬) ). Azuma says sorry but inside he’s like “so it was a dream erotic enough to make me scream? So sad that I can’t remember T.T” 

Azuma: I take a quick glance at my son (note: he means his dick), and was relieved to see that I didn’t have morning wood.


Azuma becomes curious about the notebook Mitsugi is trying to decipher, and asks Mitsugi if it’s interesting and how much he has managed to decipher. Mitsugi’s replies are super short (“Not really” “Just a little bit”), making Azuma wonder if Mitsugi has lost all interest in him after they established the fact that Azuma and his mentor are different people.

Azuma attacks Mitsugi with a barrage of questions of the notebooks origin and content. Mitsugi’s like “that’s way too many questions (ಠ_ಠ)”, but he puts the book down and explains that the notebook contains the details of some strange events that happened on this island during the Meiji era. The events are so bizarre that he suspects that this might even be a work of fiction. Apparently the residents of this island were cornered by something or someone and died unnaturally one after another. The identity of that “something” is unknown because there are many parts of the notebook that are either too damaged or missing. 

Here Azuma mentions that he came out to blanket to approach Mitsugi, so it seems like he slept on a futon properly after all, phew. He is briefly reminded of yesterday’s spicy events, but pushes down his bashfulness to ask Mitsugi about the details of the death in a casual manner. Mitsugi narrates the way the island residents died- the first person was burnt in a fire, then several people drowned in the sea, followed by cases of stabbing, torture, disappearance without any corpse, suicide…. Azuma’s like “that’s some freaky story there, dude, the author is demented ~( ~´・_・`)~ ”. I don’t think it’s really just a story….notice how the fire (blondie) and the death by drowning (glasses guy) has already happened? 

Azuma feels an indomitable urge to bother Mitsugi, and wonders if he’s become “imprinted” to fight with him, lmfao. He gets his face closer to the notebook and as a result also to Mitsugi’s face, and asks what else is there. When Mitsugi says that he hasn’t read past this point, Azuma mocks him that he’s a slow reader. For a second Mitsugi seems like he would retort with a biting comment, but in the end he gulps down his breath and doesn’t reply. 

Azuma hates the strained atmosphere and leaves for work first. Even during working hours, never mind fighting, Mitsugi hardly even talks to him. “Even though that’s what I should’ve wanted, I felt lonely. Then I convinced myself that it was for the best. This pattern kept repeating the whole day.”  Things are still tense when they finish work and gather in the plaza for the rationing, with Mitsugi being full of sighs and giving off a heavy “do-no-approach” air. The food gathering team was already in the plaza and Takara greets Azuma.

In his head, Azuma mentions that he had made many mistakes during work today, and I was like “it indeed is strange of Mitsugi to not get into a fight with you even then, normally he’d roast you even if you made a single mistake”. And it seems that Azuma agrees with me too.

Even though I wasn’t of any use today and full of mistakes, I still had the gall to be hungry as usual. ……If Mitsugi was the same as before, he surely would’ve said something along these lines.

Aww, my do-M baby is so nostalgic about that good-ol’ verbal abuse ❤

Matsuda apologizes for springing the news on them as soon as the rationing ended, but apparently Uchimura has gone missing. The shipbuilding team are asked if they have any idea about his whereabouts, but none of them saw after after that one time he passed by them yesterday. Kido, Uchimura’s roommate, shares that after he returned to his cottage after yesterday’s food distribution, Uchimura told him that he had “something to do” and went towards the forest.

Mitsugi asks Kido what that “something” was, and Kido admits that he doesn’t know either since Uchimura seemed like he was in a hurry. Mitsugi seems to have his own guess about what that could be, but he doesn’t say anything. Azuma comments that they should start searching for Uchimura in case he had an accident somewhere and is hurt. Matsuda agrees, he probably was about to bring up the topic himself. Takara points out that there are some danger zones in this island, and while they are normally fenced and equipped with warning signs, it’s not impossible that Uchimura somehow missed the signs and accidentally entered them. Mitsugi finally returns to speaking in long sentences and shares the info that there is a cliff by one of the forest paths, and it’s possible to get into an accident by falling off from there. He thinks that the ruins are dangerous too because of the unstable houses. 

They set out to search for Uchimura, but Matsuda cautions them to just do a brief search and return within one hour as it was getting late. At night their vision will be limited, and it’d be pointless if the “rescuers” end up getting into danger themselves. They plan to move in teams of two, with each team consisting of roommates (Kido would be a part of Matsuda’s), but Mitsugi objects and wants to go by himself. Even though he quickly relents where Azuma gets mad about it, the air of rejection was pretty clear.

Matsuda sets them all off, reminding them all to gather in the plaza one hour later. As they go towards the clifff, Azuma thinks that if it was until now, he would’ve complained at least once about the decision to make pairs with their roommates and say something like “why must I search with an asshole like Mitsugi ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ”. But now he doesn’t have a reason to even raise such an objection.

Azuma absent mindedly stares at Mitsugi’s “bony back” (I feel like Mitsugi is supposed to be really slender despite many CGs not really reflecting that???) as the latter keeps advancing through the foilage ahead of him. He hasn’t said a word since declaring his intention to search for the cliffs earlier, and took the initiative to lead their 2-man team to the cliffs despite not having any idea whether Azuma also knew the way or not (he didn’t).  

He doesn’t say or do anything outrageous to me. Doesn’t involve himself in my affairs. Or hit me with any verbal abuse.
Azuma: ……Isn’t that just fine?
Even though I shouldn’t have any problem with that, somehow I feel unsatisfied.

Azuma calls out to Mitsugi, asking him how far the cliff is as Azuma has never been there. Mitsugi replies “a little further” without turning around and ends the conversation right there. Even though Azuma had expected that he’d reply that way, he can’t help but call out to him again. 

Mitsugi simply replies the same way before Azuma can even complete his question, making Azuma grumble slightly. He wants to deny when Mitsugi’s like “wasn’t that what you were asking”, but he can’t. Poor baby is so confused about his feelings ;v; Houchi purei wa yamete yo, mitsugiiiiiiii ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)ノ

After a while Mitsugi thinks that they’re close to the location, but his tone makes Azuma wonder if they are actually lost and lament that they should’ve asked Hongou for more precise directions. Mitsugi asks Azuma to help search too, but Azuma acts like a brat out of habit, going all “IYADA”. Mitsugi turns his head slightly to look at Azuma, but his expression isn’t visible due to the curtain of hair.


Mitsugi explains that looking for the cliff shouldn’t be hard since they just need to look for the direction where there is some open space with some trees, but Azuma keeps being unreasonable and asks Mitsugi to lead the way. Mitsugi doesn’t say anything more and just gestures Azuma to follow him.  

Azuma’s insistence to have Mitsugi go first ends up working against him when a tree branch Mitsugi had pushed through bounces back to hit Azuma in the forehead. He’s like “ouch ouch ouch” and Mitsugi, who had turned back, is like “sorry”. Azuma wonders if his forehead is bleeding, but Mitsugi informs him that it isn’t. His bitching prompts Mitsugi to suggest that Azuma go first, which Azuma rejects going all “IYADA don’t wanna get tree branches in my eyes”. Well staying behind didn’t save you, Azuma. LOL Mitsugi lets out a short sigh and continues walking, but Azuma keeps nagging him about how far the cliff is. I’m not Mitsugi but Azuma was seriously being annoying here, UZAAAA (。☉︵ ಠ╬) . Mitsugi reminds him that this is why he suggested they split up to search, but Azuma just goes “IYADA” again. That word is pretty much 70% of his vocabulary for this scene, lol.

Azuma freaks out where they suddenly hear the sound of something moving above them in the trees, but Mitsugi points out that it’s most likely some small animal since a small island like this won’t have anything bigger than squirrels or rabbits. After making that statement Mitsugi starts to walk in even bigger strides, and Azuma figures that he’s rushing after being interrupted so many times by Azuma.

Azuma keeps babbling about random things, and Mitsugi finally CRACKS. (When the music stopped it got me all nervous -sweat-)

Mitsugi : After you said all that stuff to me yesterday, I spent the whole time thinking.
Mitsugi : I tried to not look at your face and not listen to your voice, and did some soul searching.
Azuma : ………….
Mitsugi : And I reached a conclusion just now.
Mitsugi : Even putting the matter of my mentor aside,
Mitsugi : I really do hate you.
Mitsugi bit out the sentence while emphasizing every single word.
Mitsugi : You’re noisy, annoying, get on my face over every little thing…….

I blink, and open my mouth to retort.
Azuma : ……Aren’t you kind of overreacting?
Azuma : You’ve been so freakin’ quiet since yesterday. I didn’t ask you to be that quiet. All I asked was to not confuse me with that mentor of yours――

Mitsugi : And!
He gritted his teeth menacingly and rushed close to me. His face was right in front of my eyes, close enough for our noses to almost touch.
The gust of air from his movements made his hair sway and give off the light scent of sandalwood that I couldn’t have detected if he wasn’t in such point-blank range.
Mitsugi : The way you intentionally keep doing irritating things to get a rise out of me–
Mitsugi : That annoying part of you is something I hate to death.

When he said shinohodo kirai  I was like welp we’re done, if you seriously hate him but feel conflicted because you want to fuck him then I’ll have to say goodbye to you right now, I seriously hope this is you being in denial otherwise this route would be a waste of my time. Our darling Azuma doesn’t take his unreasonable barrage of angry words lying down of course, and retorts back.

Azuma : Dea-
Azuma : What do you mean by hate to death! In my own way, I put a lot of thought into figuring out how to interact with you from now on and acted accordingly!
Azuma : I tried to start up conversations with you after a lot of thinking, but now you’re saying that you hate it to death? Doesn’t that just make me a fool getting worked up on his own?
Mitsugi : …….
I saw Mitsugi’s eyes widening in confusion, but that wasn’t reason enough for me to pause.
Azuma : Also can you stop claiming that I was intentionally trying to be annoying?
Azuma : It’s not like I act according to some calculated scheme every single time, I rely more on what my instincts tell me to do in a situation.

Also when Azuma talks about how he had done this after a lot of thought it was interesting how Mitsugi fell into silence with a sharp breath. I wonder if he feels ashamed that Azuma is being proactive and trying to meet him halfway whereas he himself is throwing a fit and trying to push Azuma away out of fear? Tiny spoiler that probably only people who’ve played the game will get: Don’t go against Kotohara-san’s teachings, fool 

Mitsugi asks Azuma why he cares so much about Mitsugi hating him when he also supposedly hates Mitsugi. It shouldn’t be a problem if someone he hates also hates him, and Azuma is suddenly speechless because he still isn’t conscious of the true nature of his attachment towards Mitsugi.

However, before Azuma goes through any emotional discovery, Mitsugi suddenly ends their conversation to strut away. A confused Azuma follows him, and they soon arrive at an area where there aren’t any trees and the open space ends in a cliff aka their goal. Azuma is very excited at first and proposes to Mitsugi that they should call out for Uchimura since this is an open place, but soon notices that Mitsugi has gotten all stiff after bending over the edge of the cliff to look down.

“I had a bad feeling about this. Something that would make this guy make such an expression—”

On the sea, between some rocks, he could see some familiar clothes. Even though this was a serious situation I laughed at Azuma’s description of Uchimura’s hair: “Some long strands of hair were floating underwater-like a jellyfish, or maybe pieces of rubbish, or maybe a monster.” Although the whole situation feels unreal, Azuma quickly realizes that the thing stuck on the rocks like washed up seaweed (LMFAO DID AZUMA READ MY POST AND LEARN MY NICKNAME FOR UCHIMURA 😜) is actually Uchimura.

Azuma asks if Uchimura is dead in a shaky voice, and Mitsugi asks him in an unusually soft voice if he thinks Uchimura is alive. Azuma calls out just in case Uchimura is just stuck there and not dead, but obviously there isn’t any answer. While Azuma is panicking, Mitsugi orders him to go down and pull up Uchimura’s body since it might get washed up in the sea. Azuma’s thoughts here were interesting, so you care more about Mitsugi’s attitude than a possible murder, I see where your priorities lie 👀👀👀

That tone, that unreasonableness, that haughtiness. Isn’t he back to his usual state?
That was the first thought that came to my confused mind.   

Mitsugi’s order shakes Azuma out of his panic, and we get 4 options about what to do in response to it. The good end option is to just abide by it since this is a crisis and not an occasion to fight, but I gotta say that I actually agree with the bad end choices where Azuma is like “ffffs why must I do it by myself?” Help him, Mitsugi! It also confused me that Mitsugi rationalized his reasoning only in one of the bad end choices where he mentioned that Azuma is more suited to the work because of his physical strength and Mitsugi would help him in case he can’t manage. Because he didn’t explain it in every option, I was yelling “you lazy biatch!” at my screen on my first playthrough, lol. Anyway, in the good end choice Azuma complies despite his annoyance, being all “I guess the demon sergeant isn’t wrong in his logic” lol. He supposes that it’s true that they are short on time, Uchimura might float away any moment since only his foot is stuck between some rocks, plus just in case he still isn’t dead they have to speed up the rescue.

Azuma’s cooperativeness surprises Mitsugi, and he’s like “did you eat some rotten mushrooms or something” LMFAO. Azuma’s like “I’m not high ffffs” I found this line cute:

He just doesn’t know that I am actually a cooperative good boy.  

Yes Azuma! You’re a good boi! -patpat- 

Azuma quickly gets to searching for an area that he can use to climb down, and after some close calls thanks to the slippery moss on the rocks, manages to safely reach the bottom of the cliffs. Once he comes close to Uchimura he hesitates a little to touch the body which looks sort of gross (Azuma notes that he didn’t feel such distaste even towards the burnt corpse), and Mitsugi, who had also managed to climb down by this point, tells him to hurry up. At this point I was like 🤔 if he’s also coming down, what was the point of ordering Azuma to do it then? 

Azuma feels the same and asks him to help out, and Mitsugi once again is a little shit and goes all “can’t you even pull up a single person without help” and “weren’t you the one always calling me weak”. Dude PLZ, we’re having an emergency here ლ(ಠ_ಠლ). Uchimura’s body is extra heavy because of all the water soaked into his clothes, and after much struggle Azuma manages to drag it onto the rocky beaches.

I’m at a loss for words when I turn Uchimura-san over and see his face. I wish I hadn’t seen it. His face had turned a strange color and gotten all swollen, wearing an anguished expression that would haunt my dreams. The purplish tongue sticking out of his open mouth was fucking disgusting to look at. 

Mitsugi comes up to Azuma and since he still hadn’t seen Uchimura’s terrible state, is like “Is he alive? If you want to resuscitate him do it”. Azuma is like “no freaking way he’s alive” in his head, but he still puts his hand above Uchimura’s heart to check for a pulse. As expected, there wasn’t any and his skin was flabby and corpse-like 🤢. Even without Azuma’s answer, Mitsugi is convinced that Uchimura is dead. He quickly decides that they should return to the loghouse to return with the others as it’d be impossible to carry the dead body back by just the two of them over this rocky terrains. Despite my rage from earlier, I was really impressed by his calmness and ability to think clearly without panicking here. Azuma also comments on it Unlike me who didn’t even feel like speaking, Mitsugi said so in his usual emotionless manner.”

Everyone was already back when they returned to the loghouse, and as expected Kido was the one most SHOOK by the news. He and Matsuda went to the cliffs guided by Mitsugi, and returned soon carrying Uchimura’s body in a spare blanket. They decided to store it inside the burned down cottage, and Azuma finds it highly ironic that a burnt corpse and a drowned one is lined up side by side. He feels disgusted just remembering the feeling of the wet corpse, and comments that the body probably rotted more quickly because of all the soaked up water.

Shimada is excitedly snapping away pictures as usual, but nobody stops him since those will be useful in submitting to the police as evidence. They have a discussion immediately afterwards, where Shimada brings up the point that Uchimura was most likely killed by someone. I gave him a stink eye when he was like “it’d be troublesome if this was a murder”, that’s the understatement of the century =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾  . Takara immediately asks him why he thinks so, considering how the cause of death isn’t clear and Uchimura might have just fallen down the cliffs, and Shimada states that he wouldn’t make such a drastic claim without any basis. Azuma requests him to explain further, and he brings out his camera to show them a picture of the neck area of Uchimura’s dead body. Azuma and Takara are somewhat repulsed, but Matsuda notices something. 

After taking another look at the picture at Shimada’s urging, Azuma finally notices there are some marks on Uchimura’s neck that look like he was strangled with a rope or something. I lol’ed at Mitsugi’s reaction to this, finally our bickering duo is back!

Mitsugi : ……You didn’t notice?
Mitsugi is frowning. It seems like he had noticed that much earlier.
Azuma: Well excuse me for not having the hobby of staring at dead bodies.
Mitsugi: Aren’t you just dense? Don’t try to justify it.
Azuma: …………💢
This guy’s mouth always has a retort for everything.
Sheesh, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was born to just for the sake of riling me up.

Hongou is shook that something like this could happen, and Shimada reminds him that this is just a theory. The way he explains his take on what may have happened doesn’t sound like he believes this could be anything other than a murder though. He thinks that someone murdered Uchimura, and threw him into the sea to hide the cause of death. But because the tides around this island is irregular (Matsuda confirms this, explaining how fish suddenly appear and disappear from fishing areas), the dead body washed up under the cliffs instead of being swept away by the sea. 

Shimada: This is a theory I’d be glad to be wrong about. That there is someone among us who killed Uchimura-san.

When Shimada makes the above comment, everyone’s gaze focuses on Kido for a single moment. (Except Mitsugi, who is boredly plucking away at a weed on the ground. I wonder if he’s sitting like a yankee again….) Azuma narrates that it’s normal to find Kido the most suspicious as he was roommates with Uchimura and had been with him the whole time. It also doesn’t help that he has a tendency to easily lose his temper. Kido, who had probably guessed that he was being suspected, doesn’t say anything, but Takara steps up to complain.

I’m making a video of this part because I feel like all the characters’ personalities really show in this specific scene. I’ll discuss it with spoilers when we’re done with this route.

Takara: ……I can’t believe something like that, I don’t want to believe it either.
Takara: That mark might also be a result of being trapped somewhere and not a result of strangling.
Azuma: How could his neck get trapped that perfectly? In some seaweed that had formed a loop?
Takara: ……Shut up, Azuma.
I got shut down hard. Even though I was being serious about it.
Mistugi’s exasperated glance is painful.
Takara: Isn’t it strange to kill someone in this situation? We should be helping each other out!
Takara says that, but does he really think that way? Even he had looked at Kido-san just now.
Hongou: T-that’s right. I know very well that everyone here aren’t the type of people to kill someone.
Even Hongou-san had looked at Kido-san too.
Does that mean he doubted him a little, but wants to actually trust him?
Matsuda: Hongou-san, I’d advise refraining from making irresponsible statements. How can you claim that we aren’t the type of people to kill someone?
That’s right. People who show their real selves are rare.
Hongou: That’s ……true, but……
Matsuda: I don’t want to believe it either. But I can’t disregard it as a possibility.
Shimada: That’s right. It’d be great if it was just an accident…
Shimada: But if there IS a culprit……I wonder what we should do from now on.
Mitsugi: There’s no need to wonder. Just defend yourself. That is all.
As always, Mitsugi makes one of his spartan statements.

Matsuda figures that they won’t be able to reach any conclusion like this, so he starts distributing the day’s rations. Everyone is quiet because of all the gloomy atmosphere where they are worried whether there is a killer among them, and Azuma returns to the cottage while still pondering the possibility.

The tone of the next few scenes is quite different, so I’ll be ending this post right here. Hopefully there will be more Azuma backstory and some spicy stuff in the next part! 🙂

9 thoughts on “BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 3

  1. Hi ! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing work!! I’ve just discovered your blog and i’m really thankful for your traductions and summaries ! (Cuz not being able to play those spicy otome games is really frustrating 😩) English is not my first language but you make the reading feel so smooth and amusing! I really look forward your next review ! Hope you have a wonderful day!! 🌈

  2. Hi ! I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your works ! I’ve just discovered your traductions and summaries and I’m really thankful for these! Not being able to play those spicy otome games is frustrating…and English is not my first language…but you made the reading feel so smooth and amusing ! I really look forward your next review ! Hope you have a wonderful day 🌈

  3. I finished the three Paradise games a week ago and started reading your thoughts on it yesterday lol I tried my best to look for anyone who played it too but BL reviews seem to be a dying species!! I’m glad you seem to have fun with Mitsugi’s route since he’s my favorite (I mean, the other two monsters do set the bar pretty low but I genuinely love how healthy the relationship between Mitsugi and Azuma is with the whole mutual support + mutual trust + aftercare thing).

    Congratulations on your detailed summaries. Hopefully, Paradise reviews will help others play it themselves since it’s always nice to be able to discuss the games you play with others.

    • Thanks for reading all these, I’m glad to know I’m not just yelling into the void haha. It’s always great to find more fellow fans ^.^
      I wouldn’t go into too much detail about the moralities of the other characters because I don’t want to spoil the other readers who haven’t played the game, but on my first playthrough I was kinda pissed off at all the guys, though on very different levels (dickstepping and murder aren’t really comparable). Musubi made me fall super hard for my current favorite and made me understand the others (both LIs and side characters) a little bit better after seeing their POVs and backgrounds, though the level of forgiveness varies depending on their situation. Kiwame made me love the characters I liked even more and hate the ones I hated harder 😂
      Now I’m on a mission to find all the short stories and drama cd tokutens since they really help with the flow of the story, for example the happenings between the main game and Musubi (so thirsty for the main game animate tokuten since it has the drama CD that covers what happens immediately after Mitsugi’s ending). I hope I have enough strength to summarize them all 🙏

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