BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 4

The previous post, part 3 is here!

This part is going to a little shorter than the other ones because I wanted to keep all the bonding and thirsting in one post and the upcoming NSFW stuff in another.


I found it cute how once Mitsugi and Azuma were back in the loghouse, Azuma closed the door and Mitsugi turned on the lights, and Azuma’s narration informed us that this has become sort of a daily routine for them now. Glad to see they are functioning well as roommates despite the rocky beginning (◕‿◕✿)                 

Azuma sighs as the accumulated exhaustion from that day’s events hits him. He’s like “wow, to think a day would come when returning to this mess of a room would feel relaxing to me”. He doesn’t, however, forget to make fun of Mitsugi who is manspreading on the bed and is like-

bandicam 2020-02-18 17-33-20-071.jpg Seriously, contrary to his looks this guy really isn’t elegant at all.

Wooh~? ⊙ω⊙  Should I interpret this as you complementing Mitsugi’s looks as elegant, Azuma? 😏 Azuma stares at Mitsugi wondering how the latter can stay so normal even after the deaths of 2 people, and Mitsugi glares at him when he notices the staring.

I wasn’t even done making fun of Azuma, and then he starts going on about how pretty Mitsugi’s face is, I can’t with this boy („ಡωಡ„)) Mitsugi then asks Azuma if he isn’t also shaken by this, and Azuma comments that he isn’t clear enough about what’s happening to be shaken. He calls the whole situation creepy which draws a laugh out of Mitsugi, and more oblivious doki ensues. (*≧ω≦*)   

……However, I wonder why I don’t feel that annoyed even though he didn’t say that as a compliment.
Maybe it’s because of the cold war we had going on until now.  Compared to such dry interactions where I’d be ignored no matter what I say, this is so much better.
Him being a pain in the ass hasn’t changed though.

Happy Azuma makes me happy ^o^ Sorry that I’m making vids of every single moment here but I feel like they are important(´・ω・`) Until now I was kind of confused why the heck Mitsugi is such a wet blanket but apparently his way of thinking is just too straightforward for most people. Murderer on the loose? Just defend yourself and keep working. He operates on logic to the point that sometimes he seems like a weirdo but he’s not being an ass just for the sake of being an ass like I first thought. The reason he puts so much emphasis on the shipbuilding work is because he believes they have a chance of survival as long as they can finish building the ship, so he puts ALL his focus there without sparing any attention to anything else. Remember how he fed Azuma his own portion of food to make him work harder? I still am confused about how he can be so chill after giving Azuma a handjob, but I feel like this is a rare case where he was NOT being logical and operating on thirst, so he’s probably going to be in denial and avoid the issue as long as he can.

Azuma’s embarrassed thirst in this part is so delicious, hehe 🤤 He then starts having some hilarious thoughts, like wondering why Mitsugi was willing to touch his dick with his bare hand despite being spooked by a centipede earlier. Hello, Azuma? Aren’t you insulting yourself way too much by comparing your dingdong with a freaking CENTIPEDE?! LOLOLOL 。:゚゚(´∀`)・。

He stares at Mitsugi so hard that he ends up being called “UZE” (annoying) by Mitsugi, who had been working on the decryption of that book again and is so focused that he refuses to eat together with Azuma. Once Mitsugi is done deciphering for the day, he goes to the bathroom and changes, and finally has dinner (in such a way that Azuma comments that he appears to be absorbing the food rather than eating it 😂). After dinner he lies on the bed to write something in a notebook, leaving Azuma to be super bored. 

Azuma decides to use a paper bag that originally contained some chopsticks to make some origami to alleviate his boredom. It’s too bad that all his other sources of entertainment are gone- his phone has no charge to play games, the book he brought was burnt, and taking a walk isn’t an option with the possibility of a killer hiding in the island.

Mitsugi notices Azuma’s awkward attempts at origami (Azuma calls his creation “failure of a monster” lol) and is like “….why u doing that with a chopsticks packet (¬_¬) ”. When Azuma pouts and says he just wanted to do something different, Mitsugi goes “meh, doing laundry would’ve been much more meaningful”, making me rage because BITCH DO YOUR OWN LAUNDRY, THIS ROOM IS A PIGSTY (`皿´#). I liked Azuma’s reply though, that “meaningful” things tend to be not fun. Mitsugi sighs, and for some inexplicable reason (to Azuma anyway, my guess that he’s unconsciously trying to show off to Azuma, like a male peacock displaying its feathers lol) uses another chopsticks paper bag to make a neat looking piece of origami, which highly impresses Azuma and gets him excited. Azuma happily praising the origami and cutely demanding to be taught was so cute~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥   Mitsugi’s sharp breaths and curt but awkward replies here give me the impression that he’s also experiencing dokis here~  (¬‿¬)

When Mitsugi puts a stop to Azuma’s origami fanboying and tries to sleep, Azuma is suddenly reminded of the elephant in the room, that is, GARBAGE. He asks Mitsugi to clean up the floor and is rejected (wtf Mitsugi don’t be nasty yo ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮), the dirty boi doesn’t agree even when Azuma offers to do it together. Azuma decides to take matters into his own hands and steals Mitsugi’s blanket off his body, planning to lure Mitsugi away from the bed so Azuma can hijack it and force Mitsugi to sleep on the floor. I support his endeavors 100%, let Mitsugi learn how uncomfortable sleeping on the floor is!


Anyway, Azuma’s attempts to steal the bed fail when their feet get caught up in the clothes scattered across the floor, and a classic shoujo development occurs where both of them end up falling to the floor, with Mitsugi lying on top of Azuma. Azuma’s like “this is why I told you to clean up ffffs  <(`^´)> ”, but he’s a sweet boy, so he checks if Mitsugi is alright when the latter groans in pain. Mitsugi doesn’t reply, and more thirst on both sides ensues. 💦💦💦

I don’t want to remember it, but it was the same as the strange feeling when I was tied up by Mitsugi, of our skin fitting together everywhere he touched.
The illusion of it being natural to cling to each other.
Even though both Mitsugi and I should be scrambling to get away from this situation, where not only were we being touched by someone we hate, but also in such an intimate pose.
It was a mystery how everywhere we touched was such a perfect fit that it made me forget to push him away.
The smell of soap wafting from his still wet hair, coupled with the light scent that I remembered smelling on him several times, was somehow――――turning me on.

Once Mitsugi finally gets on his feet, he gives up on the blanket and is about to ask Azuma to sleep wherever, however when he suddenly changes his mind and orders Azuma to sleep “here” (as in, in the same bed). He even lies down on the bed and scoots over to make some space for Azuma.

Mitsugi: I’ll lend you half of it.
Mitsugi: But I’ll kick you off if your sleeping posture is bad. 

Azuma is very surprised, and asks Mitsugi why he suddenly wants to do so. After a suspicious pause, Mitsugi rationalizes his proposal by saying that Azuma is extra loud when sleeping on the floor, and Azuma remembers Mitsugi saying something like that in the morning. (I put the following video on google drive because of one frame of Azuma’s dick in the flashback, but it is SFW otherwise)

Azuma’s thirst in this part sets me on fire 🔥🔥🔥 especially this:

――――Yesterday afternoon.
The eyes watching me ejaculate were hidden behind those fine golden strands.
I remember the rays of the afternoon sun dyeing them a shade of platinum, and the way they wavered softly as the air blew.
And below that view, the clearly visible veins on the pale hand gripping my cock left an exceedingly strong impression in my mind.
His fingers were harder and cooler than mine when I did it to myself.
His lowered eyelashes were so long…
And the pleasure I experienced was so unbelievably amazing…

And this:

The lingering memory that refuses to leave me is surely because of that.
Like how the feeling of his touch still remains somewhere in my body. Although it normally stays quietly in a corner――
Just from a small touch, it revives so vividly that my self-restraint is rendered useless. It’s such a wicked power that I cannot go against. 

In the end Azuma agrees to sleep on the bed because the discomfort of sleeping on the floor >> his worries over his barely-in-control thirst. He’s like “I’ll just run to the toilet if I end up getting a hard-on” fjskdehj ꉂ (´∀`)ʱªʱªʱª  He inwardly pouts at how ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mitsugi is at his agreement even though he “made a hard decision while wallowing in despair” lolol. 

Azuma is a little bothered by how narrow the bed is for two grown men to lie down side by side, but he figures that he shouldn’t complain considering how much of a miracle it is to have Mitsugi agree to share. He gives Mitsugi the stolen blanket back since he doesn’t actually need a blanket when sleeping (I bet Mitsugi the moyashi has much lower body temperature than a healthy boi like Azuma and really needs the blanket more), and Mitsugi accepts it. Because there is only one pillow, Azuma cushions his head on his hands as he lies down. Do note that Mitsugi didn’t refuse the share the pillow or anything, Azuma didn’t even ask. This boy…. (-‸ლ)

Azuma has trouble falling asleep because “I haven’t slept with someone beside me for a long time”. Bweh (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) He still tries to force himself to sleep because he doesn’t want to be groggy the next day and be punished again for napping. He’s like “let’s sleep with spirit!” and calls himself out for the stupidity immediately afterwards lol. He manages to fall asleep after counting some sheep and smelling Mitsugi’s scent, but he ends up seeing some nightmares from his past and dazedly clinging to Mitsugi when he awakes.

Man, Azuma’s family must have been some REAL TRASH, poor boi is still so traumatized. I encourage everyone to listen to the video because Azuma’s VA did an EXCELLENT job portraying his trauma. The writing was already really good, but he managed to sound so panicked and desperate in the “……” silence parts, it really added to the experience. Really drove the point home that despite his apparently cheerful character (although we already got some hints in the common route), Azuma has some really, REALLY deep psychological issues and is an abuse victim who still hasn’t recovered. This particular part got me in tears:

Mitsugi: Were you abused?
Mitsugi: You were like this yesterday, too.
Blunt yet mild. A mysterious voice.
I can’t remember what yesterday’s matter is supposed to be, but I can understand the essence of his question even in the midst of my confusion, and shake my head.
Mitsugi: ……Is that not the case?
From where our bodies were in contact, I could feel the blond man moving and tilting his head in doubt.
Azuma: ……
I timidly nod.
I was disciplined, but it wasn’t abuse. I mean, that’s what they said.

Thankfully Mitsugi is sympathetic to Azuma’s pain despite his apparent grumbling (didn’t even push Azuma away even when the latter scratched his back), and tries to comfort Azuma in his gruff and awkward way. During my first playthrough I got pretty mad at him for refusing to clean the room earlier, but his gentleness in this part thawed the fires of my rage and earned him lots of brownie points. (I’m a simple girl who fell in love with Azuma early game, and anyone good to him automatically goes up my fav list ₍₍ ◝(•̀ㅂ•́)◟ ⁾⁾ ) This comforting gets a bit NSFW later, but you’ll have to wait for that until the next part  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


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