BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route part 2

Part 1 here, please go read it first if you haven’t yet!

Part 3 should conclude the common route, then we’ll move on to Mitsugi route. I’ll go for Mitsugi first because I hate him the most (EDIT: I made this statement during my first playthrough, I’ll talk about my current feelings about him at the end of his route post), and I’m sad that Shimada isn’t apparently capture character because he’s cute despite the goatee. I will, however, edit the post to include how certain scenes during the common route vary slightly depending on the route choices.

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Kuchihatenu MASTERPOST!

Well, I finished Hijikata’s and Saito’s route way back, but never got around to reposting in this blog and I’m too lazy to make new posts for all the 15 parts >.> So here you go, links to all the parts, posted in tumblr.

Parts 1-3 Common route+Normal end. 4-8 Hijikata’s route, 9-16 Saitou’s route

Part1   Part2  Part3

Part4   Part5  Part6  Part7  Part8

Part9  Part10  Part11  Part12  Part13  Part14  Part15  Part16 (read-only light nsfw)


While as a doujin game it wasn’t bad, the original game was such an epic that I kinda lost my interest in this game after finishing it once and going back to replay the original Hakuoki, I won’t be doing any thorough reviews for Sano, Heisuke or Okita, sorry. In fact even going back to read these posts make me cringe a bit from my crappy translations, but it would be cruel to just delete them so here~

Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP part 5

(Continued from previous post)

And finally some NSFW stuff in this post fufufufu

24th day: Lectured by Saito: Nothing

25th day:Studying: Same as last playthrough, Hijikata gives Chizuru a lift in his car and she finally starts having naughty dreams about him

26th day:Before Choice: Same as last playthrough, Chizuru does well on her tests while Hijikata and Okita brawl on the corridors

26th day:Studying: In which Chizuru gets one step closer to popping her cherry

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Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP Part 4

(Continued from previous post)

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This time I just took some different choices so basically the same things happened but the “Hijikata events” didn’t appear so soon and I got to see other people’s events. Also even the Hijikata events were part of the common route, the true route starts after all the conditions are met, precisely the moment I saw the Cherry Blossom scene I knew I had him 😀

The first three day events were completely same. I’ll list them in a Day no: Activity choice: Event format.

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Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP Part 2

(Continued from previous post)

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Third day

Next day, Heisuke notes that she seems to be in higher spirits today. He says he’s relieved that she’s feeling better, and asks her to always laugh happily. Hfdsgfiuhgfsfuk so adorable this guy is tempting me again Chizuru realizes that Heisuke had been worrying about her and internally apologizes to him.

Choice 3——>Study

 “What the hell is this?” Hijikata sure looks angry, but he still looks sexy, no proportion problems here <333 GJ Princess Crown Continue reading

Kuchihatenu Sakura no LP!

So I started playing Hakuouki SSL Doujin game and since nobody seems to have done a review of it yet I’m typing my progress as I play. Does that make this a “let’s play”? I have no clue. Anyway this post will cover the first 2 days,more will come later~ Cross posted to my blogspot, wordpress and tumblr.

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