BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 3

The previous post, part 2b is here!

The next day Azuma wakes up yawning. I got really worried at his “It seemed like I had slept with my face stuck on the floor, so there was a puddle of drool on it”, did this fool not use a futon after all!? ლ (#`ロ^;)> Let’s hope that he just rolled around enough that his face ended up touching the floor….

Azuma comments that he feels like he saw a number of dreams, of which one was super EROI (sadly he doesn’t remember any of it). He finds Mitsugi already awake and reading the notebook while sitting at the table. Mitsugi informs Azuma that he talks very loudly in his sleep, so loud in fact that Mitsugi couldn’t get any sleep (KARMA, BITCHHHHH 凸(¬‿¬) ). Azuma says sorry but inside he’s like “so it was a dream erotic enough to make me scream? So sad that I can’t remember T.T” 

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 2b (SFW)

Part 2a (NSFW) here!

Azuma keeps tiredly rolling on the ground even as Mitsugi finally unties him (I laughed so hard at the narration of grass getting stuck on Azuma’s wet dick (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵) ). Mitsugi is like “roll if you wanna but first put away that filthy dicc” and that makes Azuma return to the world of living and reignites his rage. Mitsugi is lucky that Azuma is not the violent type, I would’ve punched him waaay before this if it were me in Azuma’s place, and after this incident I’d break his leg (Azuma is physically much more fit than Mitsugi so he could do it if he put his mind on it). My mature boi Azuma actually holds back his urge to punch Mitsugi while telling himself that “injuring him would slow down the boat’s progress”. See Mitsugi?! He’s a good boy who’s serious about ensuring people’s survival, not a slacker like you believe 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Azuma finally confronts Mitsugi and says that while he admits his fault in sleeping during work (I almost jumped into the screen to smack Mitsugi when he reacted to this part with “wow, so you get it”, THE NERVE OF THIS BITCH (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻), that isn’t a reason for Mitsugi to embarrass him like this. He also asks Mitsugi if he did this because he’s gay, this feels like an insult to gay ppl lmao. Being gay wouldn’t be reason enough to sexually harass somebody ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 2a (NSFW)

Mitsugi route part 1 here!

From now on, I’ll be including lots of videos in the posts because the VAs of Paradise are freaking amazing and the tone of the character voices is very important in figuring out the hidden context in a lot of scenes. If a scene is crucial to understand the plot or a character (or if it’s just cool imo, lol) I will also include the text translation below the video in case you can’t see the video at that moment.

As promised, a SPICY scene for you all XD My apologies for being unable to censor the NSFW thumbnail of the last video, because it’s NSFW I uploaded it to google drive instead of YT, and GD doesn’t have the custom thumbnails option.


Azuma feels super attacked by Mitsugi’s tongue-lashing. (I felt sad at his monologue “Being called an idiot really rubs me the wrong way. I AM an idiot, but you don’t have to say it like that.” You’re not an idiot Azuma!! You’re a good, smart boi T.T) He thinks that it’s unfair of Mitsugi to blame him for a physiological response of the male body when he’s also a man. He angrily asks Mitsugi if he never gets morning wood and is detached from such baser instincts, but before he can finish his sentence, Mitsugi very casually admits that he also gets them and renders Azuma speechless. 

Mitsugi does, however, state that him getting morning woods isn’t the issue now. He gets all uppity about it “look at you being lazy at work and popping boners while everyone is working hard for survival” uh no bitch didn’t Azuma already explain why he’s tired? (ಠ ∩ಠ)

(EDIT: I was super mad during my first playthrough and compared Mitsugi to a narc who’s convinced nothing is his fault, but I guess the problem is that both of them are thinking in parallel lines regarding the Azuma sleeping on the floor incident. From Mitsugi’s perspective, Azuma is a dumbass who didn’t look for the spare futon despite Mitsugi giving what he thinks is explicit permission, but in Azuma and also the player’s eyes Mitsugi is 100% at fault for turning off the light too soon and sending the wrong message. ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮)

Mitsugi: Our food stock is low, the rescue isn’t coming either, and there has even been a casualty.
Mitsugi: Because we might end up dead too at this rate, we decided to make a boat to escape this place.
Mitsugi: Yet you dare skip out on that work to take a nap, then have the audacity to pop a boner…?

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Mitsugi route part 1

Common route last part here!

Now we have finally started Mitsugi route! This is the first part out of 3 or 4.

Azuma forgets that Mitsugi is also in the shipbuilding group, plus he also has an interest in building things (like plastic model cars and the like) so he simply wants to try building a ship. He volunteersan y to join the shipbuilding group and Matauda, their de-facto-leader, is accepting of his decision. Mitsugi disapproves with a tut, making Azuma belatedly realize what he just signed up for (;´Д`). He wants to backpedal but loses his chance as everyone keeps talking about their own preferences. 

Shimada is in shipbuilding group because he likes delicate work (Mitsugi is pleased and thanks him for helping out, wow niceness?), Takara wants to search for food (sasuga foodie boi (*°∀°)=3), Kido thinks that the food collection group needs more people so he also wants to join, Hongou plans to help out the shipbuilding group when he is not attempting to communicate with the mainland. During this whole time Azuma just keeps staring awkwardly and trying to get a word in and fails. In the end Matsuda answers him only when it is too late and everyone has chosen their groups, but Azuma still tries and asks Matsuda whether it is OK for him to be in the shipbuilding group. He wanted Matsuda to take a hint and put him in the food collection group by switching him out with someone else, but Matsuda just turns to Mitsugi and enquires if he has any problems with Azuma joining them. 

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route last part (part 3)

Part 2 here!

This concludes the common route, we’ll move on to Mitsugi route in the next part.

Day 6

The island residents spend most of the day doing the same things as day 5 but don’t obtain much success. There is still no signs of the ship, and tension is high in the air. The musclehead with a short temper and the seaweed head from the canon fodder quartet start arguing, blaming each other for their lack of success and musclehead even takes out his frustration on the glasses dude trying to mediate. In the end Matsuda steps in to calm them down. During this whole time Azuma keeps looking on like an observer, apathy skill level over 9000.

“I can see why they would get frustrated and lose their cool.”

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route part 2

Part 1 here, please go read it first if you haven’t yet!

Part 3 should conclude the common route, then we’ll move on to Mitsugi route. I’ll go for Mitsugi first because I hate him the most (EDIT: I made this statement during my first playthrough, I’ll talk about my current feelings about him at the end of his route post), and I’m sad that Shimada isn’t apparently capture character because he’s cute despite the goatee. I will, however, edit the post to include how certain scenes during the common route vary slightly depending on the route choices.

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BL game Review/Summary: Paradise: Common route part 1

Ok guys I am back with a review/summary of Pil/Slash’s newest game, Paradise, even though I should probably finish the next part for the review of Ai wa, Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteiru first ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ.

Paradise is a dark survival thriller Boys Love Game that is a collaboration project between Pil/Slash and LOVE&DESTROY. Both companies are infamous for the dark and mindscrew-y storylines in their games (many of you might be familiar with LOVE&DESTROY’s -CAGE OPEN- and Pil/Slash’s Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-), and Paradise is also not an exception to that norm despite the brightly colored pretty art and a seemingly happy-go-lucky protagonist.

I remember seeing the summary on vndb before, but by the time I started the game I had forgotten most of it. I didn’t look it up again because I wanted to go in as blind as possible, and I will try to write this review in a way that you don’t get spoiled for future routes. The order I followed was Mitsugi -> Matsuda -> Takara, and it was a wise choice, though not for the reasons I expected XD (I will explain this after I’m finished with reviewing everything).

The original game came out on November 30th 2017, and a sequel fandisc ”Paradise -MUSUBI-” was released on October 12th 2018. The fandisc contains the after stories that follow the happy ends of the original game, as well as retellings of some scenes from the original game from the point of view of other characters. A second fandisc came out just yesterday, July 26th 2019. I haven’t played it yet, but it seems darker compared to the previous FD and it seems that instead of following the original game endings, this will change up the story from the very start and be more informative about the overall mystery (like a true route).

I think I’ve spent enough time introducing the game, so I’m jumping right into my let’s play/summary combination. No introduction about the characters because some of them are spoilery + I am feeling a bit under the weather. I might update this post later to turn it into a more proper review.

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Review+Summary: Ai wa, Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteiru. Nikushimi wa, Ai ni Yoku Niteiru: Common route part 1

After a thousand years, I return to this blog with a long summary/review of an R18 otome game by PIL-VAMP (they are a sister company of PIL-SLASH who are known for their dark BL games) called Ai wa, Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteiru Nikushimi wa, Ai ni Yoku Niteiru (Love resembles hate, hate resembles love). It has been such a long time since I got so engrossed in the plot of an otome game, so despite a little issues here and there I really enjoyed this game and decided to come out of hibernation, lol. (I also wrote a vndb summary of it which you can check out here.)

Let me explain the format of this review first. In this post I plan to talk about the characters and the general setting first, then describe the plot until the point where routes diverge. Later I’m going to make separate posts about different routes instead of one longass post. The game encourages us to follow a certain order but I’m going to review them in a certain slightly different order for maximum emotional satisfaction.


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[NEWS] Anniversary no Kuni no Alice complete English patch released!

(Cross posted on blogspot)

I have been neglecting this blog for years now and been hanging around in tumblr and twitter, but I figured that I’ve been making enough lengthy posts there to archive some of them in this blog as well.

So the first news I return with is the announcement of the complete patch for the otome game anniversary no kuni no alice. I have been working as the admin and a translator for this project and I’m super excited about the release! Maybe it’s time to replay the game now that everything is in English 🙂

You can find download links for the patch and the game on the project blog here. A few pics from the translated game:


Alice in the heart otome game app walthrough: Blood route

(Cross posted on blogspot)
Follow the choices in first column to get Blood’s best end! Save appropriately as you go, then load from those saves and start from the next column to get another ending. I marked the responsibility avoiding choices with *** and love point raising choices with ❤.

  • You can get the Hatter family end by either loading Save1 and following the long way, or loading Save4 and just changing the final 3 choices of his best end. But for the 2nd case you wouldn’t get some CGs and a couple of subevents, so I recommend the long way.
  • Picking both of  the “Take a bath to refresh” and “Go to Blood’s room without checking” choices leads to DEAD END.
  • For getting all events load Save2, choose “It’s fun to hang out with Boris” and “Amusement park” and while picking anything you like for the rest of the choices. Stop playing once you get the event and continue from Save3 again.


Hatter Mansion      
I see***      
But I’ll let them do it***      
Accuse Blood ❤      
I’ve gotten used to this life ***      
It is useful for daily life here ***      
Listen to /Skip explanation (doesn’t matter)      
Amusement Park      
Blood ❤      
Is it that amazing? ***      
Because we hit it off? ❤      
Save1* (Long way) Load Save1* Load Save1*  
Elliot Blood Blood  
Go shopping Go shopping Go shopping  
Amusement Park Amusement Park Castle  
Ok, I get it Ok, I get it Ok, I get it  
He is just being shy He didn’t like it He is just being shy  
Maybe I was fascinated by him ❤ This is different.  
I was fascinated by him ❤ Clock Tower I was fascinated by him ❤  
Amusement park I’m just having fun at the moment. *** Heart Castle  
Accept Clock Tower I’m just having fun at the moment. ***  
I’m just having fun at the moment. *** Go to Blood’s room without checking Heart Castle  
Amusement Park Actually lemon tea lover Go to Blood’s room without checking  
Check right now Haunted house with scary ghosts Straight tea lover ❤  
I will explain the situation ❤ That’s weird Usual merry-go-round  
Roller coaster which goes off the rails often Don’t hang out with them That’s weird
Hmm, ok… He’s helpless, and makes me worry

Ask him for a tour of

the residence

Go outside Maybe ❤ Hang out with them  
Hang out with them Is it carrot food as usual…? He’s helpless, and makes me worry  
He’s helpless, and makes me worry Clock Tower Maybe ❤  
Get angry at Blood Go get some sleep by yourself. I’d love to  
Maybe ❤ It’s scary to hang out with Boris Heart Castle  
I’d love to It feels like we’re a couple ❤ Go out with just two of us  
Amusement Park I still love him ❤ Answer that I love there so much  
Go out with lively companions Take his eyepatch off I’ll give you a slap.  
….What do you mean?❤ Shake off his hand I’d rather hang out with Gowland  
Save2* I started liking people here *** It feels like we’re a couple ❤  
I’d rather hang out with Gowland Scold in a small voice I still love him ❤  
It feels like we’re a couple ❤ It’s because I’m interested in Nightmare Take his eyepatch off  
I’m ignoring you I don’t say anything. Hold on ❤  
I still love him ❤ I blame Nightmare I started liking people here ***  
Take his eyepatch off Clock Tower Step on Blood’s foot  
Hold on ❤ Thanks Really?  
I started liking people here *** I like Elliot, but not in that way Save5* Load Save5*
Step on Blood’s foot I have nothing to apologize for *** Can’t choose one. I like both. I like Blood.
It’s because I’m interested in Nightmare Sigh It’s because Nightmare is good looking. It’s because I’m interested in Nightmare
I blame Nightmare But it’s fun anyway *** I don’t say anything. I blame Nightmare
Amusement park How did this happen… Heart Castle Heart Castle
That’s not true. END Thanks Thanks
I didn’t mean it I like Elliot, but not in that way I didn’t mean it
Save3* Load Save2, follow advice above to get Blood and Boris event 2, then load Save3 to continue. I have nothing to apologize for *** I have nothing to apologize for ***
I have nothing to apologize for *** Pretend to cry ❤ Pretend to cry ❤
Save4* (Short way) Load Save4* Open the door to perversion. Please forgive me, Your Majesty.
Pretend to cry ❤ Sigh I accept him. I refuse Peter.
But it’s fun anyway *** But it’s fun anyway *** But it’s fun anyway *** But it’s fun anyway ***
Quit dancing. How did this happen… …It sucks. ❤ Keep dancing.
…It sucks. ❤ …It sucks. ❤
 Answer that I like him.